Inspired by todays high-mileage athlete, XGO is technologically focused to meet the stringent demands of professional military and law enforcement personnel. Our system of highly technical, quick-drying base layers are designed to rapidly wick perspiration from the body to the exterior of the fabric. In the process of the moisture transport, bacteria contained in the perspiration are destroyed by Ag47 silver anti-microbial treatment, effectively eliminating odor and harmful bacteria.

XGO was the first engineered system of next-to-skin layers designed to be worn as standalone pieces or as part of a layering system. The XGO Phase 1-4 product system maximizes your bodys natural temperature regulation, and dissipates moisture more effectively than anything else on the market. All construction and seam placements have been carefully designed to maximize comfort and freedom of movement, thus minimizing the grind on load-bearing anatomies.