Wiley-X Eyewear

In a business where fashion often trumps function and some companies come and go in the blink of an eye, Wiley X Eyewear has set a new benchmark for success. The family owned and operated company reached an important 25th Anniversary milestone in 2011, marking a quarter century of protecting peopleʼs vision in some of the most hazardous and challenging environments on the planet.

Over these 25 years, Wiley X has built a reputation for superior protection and performance in the field. Wiley Xʼs premium performance sunglasses meet the stringent ANSI Z87.1-2003 safety standard for High Velocity/High Mass Impact Standards and/or the Military VO Ballistic Impact Specs. Credentials like these are why Wiley X is standard issue gear for so many tactical and elite Special Forces units around the globe. This same level of impact resistance has also made Wiley X a leading choice for industrial workers requiring OSHA-approved eye protection.

Amazing Testimonial!
"I was working outside Najaf Iraq in 2009 as a PMC. We had been assigned to guard the barracks of a group of foreign construction workers. Around 10:00 in the morning we got a report of an unidentified vehicle approaching the gate. All personnel were told to man their post and standby. About the time I had got into my guard position, near the gate, the vehicle exploded. Suddenly from our left flank, small arms fire opened up. As I turned to engage the incoming fire, I felt a sharp slap on my head. My immediate reaction was that I had been shot, I put my hand up to my head expecting to see blood, but instead, I found my Wiley X Revolvers had been knocked off my head. The shot had been at an angle and glanced off the side of the lenses, deflecting the bullet away from my head and eyes. Needless to say because of those Revolvers, I am here today. Thanks Wiley X for making a quality product that does what it is designed to do."

Steven S.