Insight Technology

The world has changed since they began Insight in 1988. From their humble beginnings in a workshop in their family's home basement, to their status today as the foremost supplier of tactical lights and lasers for the U.S. Special Operations Forces, they have never lost sight of their mission: To provide the defenders of freedom with the advantages they need to get the job done. Today, this mission is more important than ever, for they live in a dangerous world where any advantage is critical to personal safety and an operation's success.

At Insight their product development and product improvements result from a variety of interactions with the people who know best what really works...the user. Their engineers and field people employ a number of methods including the review of after-action reports, interviews, briefings and training sessions, along with laboratory and situational testing in the development of products for use in the most difficult and strenuous of situations. The end result is a line of Insight Technology products that allow the user to use their weapons more effectively and efficiently, time and time again. As you will see, their proud military heritage and technology has been incorporated into their entire line of commercial and law enforcement products.

Insight Technology is the foremost supplier of tactical lights and lasers to the U.S. Special Operations Forces. You too can get the Insight advantage with customizable systems engineered to fit most popular tactical-pistols and shoulder-fired weapons including Glock, SIG, H&K, Springfield, Beretta, Remington, Benelli, M16/AR15 clones and many more.