Emissive Energy Corp. is an American ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer that designs, engineers and produces optoelectronic systems for Military, Law Enforcement and Federal agencies. For 22 years we have turned electrical energy into light. Whether laser diodes or light emitting diodes, our experience has given us the understanding on how to manipulate light and deliver it to various platforms. Working with and listening to the best operators from our military and federal teams gives us the ability to determine how design can improve weapon manipulation, ergonomics and performance for real world engagements. In doing so, Emissive Energy has developed a variety of custom products. Striving to break out of established patterns and looking at the objective in a different way, we have been rewarded with over 135 patents.

The INFORCE brand of products is distributed in over 40 countries and is currently used by every branch of the U.S. Military and the majority of federal law enforcement agencies.

Our mission: to design, manufacture and deliver products of superior quality, performance and value for every mission, task and theatre of operation.