Gerber Myth Blood Tracker Flashlight

Gerber Myth Blood Tracker Flashlight

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If the perfect shot is hard to make, tracking your game after the fact can be near impossible. Developed to enhance the color red in low-light conditions, this light offers the option to toggle between primary and blood tracking modes. The rubber shell keeps it securely in hand.

The perfect shot is hard to make, so the need to track your game once itís been hit is a reality for most hunters. The telltale sign is blood on the ground but, given dawn or dusk lighting, tracking blood on the ground is easier said than done. Thatís why Gerber worked with hunters and engineers to develop the Myth Blood Tracking Light. This small, powerful LED flashlight enhances the color red in low-light situations to simplify tracking your downed animal.

Optimized Spectrum For Fresh Blood

Similar to the way a black or UVA light makes the color white pop, this lightís spectrum is optimized to make fresh blood pop like neon in an environment where there is little naturally occurring red color. The new LED color spectrum is an upgrade from the version used in the original Game Tracker. Itís optimized to highlight blood thatís up to an hour old, and offers enhanced visibility in a broader range of lighting conditions.

Effectient Two-Button Operation

The light offers efficient two-button operation. A single tail button turns the light on, and itís ready to track. A second, side-mounted button changes the spectrum cast to gray out the field and further enhance the contrast of the blood when you toggle back to primary mode, perfect to help you determine whether youíre still on the blood trail.

Comfortable Rubber Housing

Gerber understands hunting gear is subject to harsh conditions and rough use. The blood tracking lightís rubber outer shell is as durable and lightweight as it is comfortable to handle. Itís big enough to provide solid grip and small enough to fit in a pant cargo pocket or jacket hand pocket.


  • LED Output: 33 lumens, 5.5 hours
  • Overall Length: 7" (17.78 cm)
  • Weight: 7.2 oz. (204 g)
  • Material: Rubber overmold
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