Columbia River Knife & Tool

From the beginning, CRKT has focused on practical work knives, engineered to perform on the job or in the field. They are practical, purpose driven designs created by some of the most innovative knife makers' Guild members. The result is that the finest knife designs are now available to you for daily work and sporting use at an affordable price.

As a manufacturer of quality knives and tools, Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) has worked hard over the past 15 years to build a brand recognized for quality and value. Today, Columbia River Knives & Tools are sold throughout the world, and have received many accolades from international knife expositions and magazines.

Beware cheap imitations and knock-offs. Columbia River Knives & Tools are some of the finest made tactical knives and tools made, and it is no wonder why other companies and attempted to imitate them with inferior materials and designs. Here you will find a great selection of REAL, quality made CRKT knives and tools. Order yours today.