Condor EDC Bag
Condor EDC Bag
Condor EDC Bag
Condor EDC Bag
Condor EDC Bag

Condor EDC Bag

SKU #: TG-156
MSRP: $46.95
The Condor Every Day Carry (EDC) Bag is a messenger style bag that features a double zippered main compartment with internal sleeves as well as a front compartment with elastic loops and internal sleeves. The loops are a great spot for extra magazines should you carry a handgun or they can secure pens and flashlights.

A front, drop-in zipper pocket on the front flap provides a space to stash documents or other items that need to be accessed quickly. The concealment pocket with hook and loop closure provides extra security for less frequently used items.

The padded mesh backing and the adjustable shoulder strap provide for comfortable carry and the adjustable/detachable waist strap allows for even more versatility. As indicated in one of the product pictures, the zippered compartment closest to the body offers a concealed carry option.

When worn on the right side, the MOLLE webbing will face forwards. When worn on the left side, the MOLLE webbing will face backwards.


  • Double zippered main compartment with internal sleeves (7"W x 7.5"H x 3"D)
  • Front compartment with elastic loops and internal sleeves (6.5"W x 7"H x 1"D)
  • Front drop-in zipper pocket on flap
  • Webbing on both side for modular attachments
  • Concealment pocket with hook and loop panel
  • Padded mesh backing for comfort
  • Secret compartment located behind outer compartment for valuable personal items
  • Adjustable shoulder strap with side-release buckle
  • Adjustable/Detachable waist strap

  • *UH1 (Universal Holster) not included
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    Condor EDC Bag   $39.95
    14 Reviews
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    93% Recommend this product (13 of 14 responses)
    By RayJay
    Austin, TX
    February 19, 2017
    Advantage: Customization
    What really drove me to get this is that it's the only one I've seen with MOLLE on both side of the main compartment. Rather than having to compromise with what a vendor has set up vs. build quality, The Condor back is very good quality. . . and I can CUSTOMIZE it! While getting the extra water bottle holder and IFAK or tech bag brings the price up, I can set it up as I like, and even change things up for different scenarios. Want to go from righty to lefty and have your stuff where you expect it? Piece of cake. The only downside it that it's hard to find (organized) vertical pouches narrow enough (< 6") to attach without blatantly sticking out. Or maybe the downside is it has a limited number of sides to attach things too. As I mentioned, the build quality is good and the compartments are adequately sized for my needs. I definitely recommend looking at this bag first.
    ProsAbility to customize Good quality Good size Quick release waist strap
    ConsHaving to choose what pouches to attach.
    By Mike
    In the North West
    September 1, 2016
    Condor does not disappoint.
    Sturdy construction, excellent price. Lots of molly to add pouches. Holds my full size semi-auto very comfortably.
    By Steve
    June 29, 2016
    This is exactly what I was looking for. It allows me to carry everything I normally like to carry with me (phone, keys, knife, pens, note pad...) and carry my full size P90 Ruger 9mm. Sturdy and comfortable. Steve
    ProsPockets, Molle webbing, clips and concealed carry pocket.
    ConsSo roomy it makes me to want to carry more. :)
    By Karl
    Billings, MT
    March 24, 2016
    Carry Bag
    It is an adequate sized bag for most of what I require for deployments. It's one short coming is the compartment for placing your handgun. My Kimber Custom has a 5" barrel and it's a tight fit. It works, but it's tight. Shouldn't be a problem though with shorter barrels.
    ProsGood construction with plenty of space for anything you need for a long day
    Conslimited space in the gun carry portion for hand guns with longer than a 4 1/2" barrel
    By Paul
    El Paso, TX
    February 11, 2016
    Good bag for the money
    Well made. Only time in field will tell.
    By Jrrry
    December 17, 2015
    Great quality
    Excellent durable construction. Good zippers
    ProsWell made , good stitching
    By Tym O'Byrne
    Niantic Connecticut
    July 25, 2015
    Great bag, great price
    Got one for my brother, I liked it so much I got one for myself, and dealing with LA Police Gear rocks! I was even able to molle a 25 round Condor™ shotgun pouch to the bag(i'll include a pic), now it serves me better than any "tactical" vest i have. I also got the universal holster, I highly recommend that option also.
    ProsPrice, comfort, storage...
    By Jim
    January 26, 2015
    outstanding Carrying Bag
    This is the vest carrying bag I have ever own. It is great for all purpose needs for me and my family outstanding product.
    ProsEssay carrying, accommodation for access and all purpose functions, and very stylish.
    ConsNone lol.
    By Tony
    December 28, 2014
    Nice day bag
    I was pleased with the EDC bag and the design that allows carrying several items. It is comfortable and provides easy access to the firearm compartment. The only criticism is that I would have liked to seen the zippers being a little more robust.
    By BT
    July 28, 2014
    Love this bag!
    Love this bag as an EDC accessory. Carries extra mags, knife, light, tourniquet and pressure bandage in a relatively discreet package, w/ room to add up to a G17-size pistol if you absolutely have to carry off-body. Will also allow you to carry your cell and wallet w/out giving away the other contents of the bag. Cross-shoulder strap is very comfortable. Highly recommended by moi.
    ProsLarge capacity in a small package.
    ConsWould like to see it be more discreet, i.e. less "tactical."
    By Matthew
    North Carolia
    July 21, 2014
    Condor EDC Bag
    Great bail out bag.
    Prosgood quality. Plenty of room for mags, gloves etc.
    ConsNone so far
    By Bobby
    San Antonio, TX
    February 27, 2014
    Very Useful
    I carried this bag in Kabul when my job required less kit than the normal LBE + assault pack. This thing is well built, comfortable, versatile, and affordable. Plus, with the MOLLE loops, you can add to it. When I got back, I converted it into a beefed up first aid kit for our family car. Ended up buying another for my truck. It easily holds a pistol, mags, radio/cell-phone, ammo, water and blowout kit, especially if you expand it using the loops.
    ProsDurable, versatile, expandable, looks cool.
    By Heber Cruz
    Tucson, AZ
    September 19, 2013
    Thank you LA Police Gear!
    As a retired military man, the bag would have come in handy whey I went on missions in Iraq. I love the bag, I have a conceal carry permit, but I use common sense when I carry my beautiful 9 millimeter Taurus. The bag has so many compartments that come in so handy. I really like my bag and LA Police Gear is so easy to do business with. Thank you!
    Proszipper pockets, amount of pockets, it fits me like a diamond. Durability. I love my bag!
    By Condor Man
    January 6, 2013
    Great go bag
    This is a great little go bag. This thing will hold medical supplies, extra rounds, magazines, small flashlight etc. If you need more room you can always attach a molle pouch to either side. Great little bag for the price. I have had mine for about a year and it has held up well. No complaints whatsoever.
    9 Questions & 19 Answers
    from Illinois asked:
    July 21, 2015
    What's the empty weight?
    1 Answers
    According to the Manufacturer, the empty bag weighs 1.5 LBS
    Customer Service
    on July 22, 2015

    from California asked:
    March 18, 2017
    What is the size range of the waist strap?
    1 Answers
    Unfortunately the manufacturer has not provided that information. I was able to pull one from the warehouse and while it’s a bit odd to measure with the body of the bag it can extent to approximately 62 inches.
    Customer Service
    on March 21, 2017

    from Stilwell asked:
    February 22, 2017
    will this bag concealed carry area fit a Sig P 229
    1 Answers
    Yes...there are several pockets that can accommodate a Sig 229.
    on February 27, 2017
    from San Diego, CA

    from Melbourne, Australia asked:
    March 8, 2016
    Does this bag have the 'Condor' branding on the front and shoulder clips, or any branding on the bag? I have seen variations of this bag (see attached photo) with 'Condor' stamped onto the front and shoulder clips and I would prefer a bag with the condor branding. Thanks.
    5 Answers
    I have the Condor EDC bag in the Coyote Tan coloration and there is no "Condor" branding or marking on it.
    on March 24, 2016
    from Billings, MT
    The packaging was Condor, but i do not see any labels or stamping with condor on the bag.
    on March 24, 2016
    from Idaho
    This bag has no tag or stamped emblem on the buckles to signify any manufacture.
    on March 24, 2016
    from Parma, OH
    There is no branding on the exterior of this bag. There is a small tag in the rear zipper portion and that it.
    on March 24, 2016
    from Milton, FL
    There is no Condor branding on the outside of the bag at all.
    on March 24, 2016
    from Apple Valley, CA

    from Los Angeles, CA asked:
    January 20, 2016
    Is the inside of the carry pocket Velcro so I can Velcro a holster to it?
    1 Answers
    Yes, the concealed compartment has a loop field for attaching hook backed holsters and other accessories.
    Customer Service
    on January 22, 2016

    from Malvern, Arkansas asked:
    January 19, 2016
    Will an IPad fit in it?
    3 Answers
    Barely or no depending on the size of the iPad. The 8" model will just fit in the back pocket but the zipper will be hard to close. No way for anything bigger. I actually bought it to go with my tablet, but had to change to something else as it was just too tight. It is a great bag for other uses, though.
    on February 4, 2016
    from West Redding, Connecticut
    There's plenty of space - my wife can fit a ton of supplies, a med kit, edc stuff, and books. It can definitely fit an Ipad - at least the one I have
    on February 4, 2016
    from Portland, OR
    No, a full size iPad will not fit.
    on February 4, 2016
    from Milton, FL

    C. Tidmore
    from Virginia asked:
    January 19, 2016
    the description mentions molle locations as its work on the left or right side. Is it safe to say it works well in a left or right hand draw when carrying concealed?
    5 Answers
    Absolutely. This works well and it's a really nice bag. Heavy duty and very well made. It looks like a regular bag that anyone would carry so no one suspects anything. I carry it all the time and I do have a CCL.
    Capt. Schreiber
    on February 4, 2016
    from North Dakota
    Yes and no Yes, you can draw left or right handed. But no, its not what I call a "quick" draw. The draw you have to perform Is more of a "hear shots in the distance, find cover, then retrieve Your weapon. It's definitely not as easy as an on body carry draw
    on February 4, 2016
    from Milwaukee
    Very good quality bag for the money. I use it every day to carry your average stuff (wallet, ID, keys, ect) but it also fits a medical kit, a few tools, and spare supplies like paracord. I wear it to work and it looks just civilian enough for no one to really notice. It's also decently comfortable for what it's worth
    Mykael and Kelsi
    on February 4, 2016
    from Portland, OR
    Yes. it seems to work for right or left draw.
    chuck pipkin
    on February 4, 2016
    from Yreka Ca
    well the whole purpose of concealed carry is to conceal walk caring unless you're in a open carry state I would not use the Molle locations on the bag which that part is correct yes there are Molle applications on the bag. inside the bag which is the best part to conceal carry has a magazines fittings for this reason. you can use the Molle application for this but your chance in your risk of violating federal laws specially posted laws is extremely high once again if it Concealed Carry. what I use If for is medicinal purposes and First Aid uses. another reason why I would not suggest open carry or concealed carry is a adds weight to the bag however there is a spot inside the bag meant specifically for concealed carry or you can use the open outer part at the very top of the bag for open carry. if you want to use the sides for concealed carry I would suggest using a Pistol Holter Conceal able by either 5:11 or L.A.Police product of Condor, which it being Condor Tactical you don't have to worry about the Item not matching and being in the same color lot. Make sure that is a conceal able carry pistol holster. Therecore, you are obeying all laws open or concealed 1 your protecting your and those around you by using Responsibility that is the key note here.
    Jim T.
    on February 5, 2016
    from North Little Rock, Arkansas

    from Cali asked:
    July 9, 2015
    How is it designed to be carried,are the straps long enough to carry over the shoulder with the pouch by the hip?to make it easy to draw a weapon?
    1 Answers
    Yes, these are meant to be carried like a messenger bag over the shoulder with bag resting on hip. I pulled this out to test it out, I'm 6'2" and the strap length was just fine to wear over the shoulder with plenty of room for adjustment.
    Customer Service
    on July 10, 2015

    Danny McBee
    from Okmulgee, OK. asked:
    September 26, 2013
    Does this bag or the other Condor bags of it's type come with a built in holster in the zippered compartment?
    1 Answers
    This item does not come with a built in holster but the item can accept the condor UH1.
    Customer Service
    on September 30, 2013

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