Even in the lifetime of our company founder Carl Zeiss and his partner Ernst Abbe, precision optics and precision mechanics were already key technologies.

Time and time again, the frontiers of science were pushed back to meet the new, exciting challenges encountered in basic research. Carl Zeiss also played a pioneering role by devising and developing the manufacturing techniques required for optical instruments. Many of the company’s products are closely associated with the names of important personalities from the fields of research and science.

The fascinating history of Carl Zeiss began in 1846 and continues to this very day. Innovations from Carl Zeiss contribute to the advances achieved in many fields and help to enhance our quality of life. Just a few examples: instrument systems used for diagnosis and therapy in ophthalmology, eyeglass lenses, microscopes for medical research and microsurgery, high precision measuring technology for the automotive and mechanical engineering industries, and optical systems for the high-volume production of microchips. The Carl Zeiss success story goes on and on...