WM Tactical

Luke and Chris saw a flaw in the gun utility market that forced the consumer to either buy traditional vertical back-up sights or offset sets. Being avid shooters, they put their thinking armor on and thought of how to offer the warfighter and competitor the option to use the sights both ways.

"We designed and engineered a solution known as TUOR: a multi-axis back-up sight with patent pending rotation action that allows the sights to not only function as a standard flip up sight, but also replace offset sights as well."-Chris

If the shooter wants a traditional vertical sight, they have it. If the shooter needs to engage a close target with magnified optics, they can flip the sights over. If the shooter damages their magnified optic, they can ditch it and not be forced to run the rifle canted.

Now, instead of using three sets of back-up sights, you can just use TUOR.

Please be advised that WM Tactical Sights are drop shipped directly from the manufacturer, and there will be a delay in shipment. UPS Air shipments will take an additional 1-2 business days to process. If the manufacturer is backordered, LA Police Gear will try to obtain and provide the manufacturer’s ETA.