United Spirit of America

We are a personal care product company specializing in toiletries for military, law enforcement, outdoor and the travel markets. USA-Spirit is a woman and minority-owned company based out of Boynton Beach, Florida. Specializing in convenient, portable products that are made with biodegradable content and superior formulation as the ultimate in personal hygiene; USA-Spirit products bring high-tech innovation to personal cleaning and protection. With a product line specifically designed for military personnel, USA-Spirit has considered every angle, from unique packaging to the environment, in which the products may be used.

In order to develop our unique products we have combined the best state-of-the-art ingredients for the critical care needs of our soldiers, first responders and outdoor enthusiasts with best-in-class providers and manufacturers. The result is a recognized value in quality ingredients that perform no matter the environmental conditions you find yourself in.

By keeping an on-going dialog with our customers, we have developed simple-to-use and functional products with exceptional quality. USA-Spirit is committed to continue to provide original hygiene solutions for you, now and in the future.