The patent-pending TacVent was invented by Sgt. Jeff Shelton, an 11-year law enforcement veteran and former supervisor of a full-time tactical unit in Los Angeles. Present with his team at the November 1st shooting at LAX in 2013, his decade-old idea for the TacVent was resurrected after wearing for several hours a heavy vest with ceramic plates while securing the airport and searching for additional suspects.

Sweating profusely in BDU’s beneath his armor, Jeff was painfully reminded of and baffled by the uncomfortable truth that no one had yet fixed the heat problem, one that has plagued and eluded makers and users of body armor since its inception. He actually had not worn body armor, other than on special details or during training exercises, since his last day of field training as a new officer, spending his career as one of those, “I’d rather die comfortably” cops, but when an active shooter attacked LAX, Jeff ran to his trunk to grab not just his M16, but his vest.