TacVent Body Armor Ventilation Version 2.0
TacVent Body Armor Ventilation Version 2.0
TacVent Body Armor Ventilation Version 2.0
TacVent Body Armor Ventilation Version 2.0
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TacVent Body Armor Ventilation Version 2.0


Now 21% lighter!! and PROFOUNDLY softer than before. The cop-invented TacVent is a lightweight, highly flexible and customizable rubbery plastic insert which is designed to be placed between ballistic armor and the user's body. Providing 1/2" of comfortable separation and allowing constant ventilation of heat, over 15°, while minimizing moisture and odor. A huge bonus is that the TacVent profoundly minimizes blunt force trauma!

The holes in the “valleys” of the device are placed against the body, and the TacVent could be affixed to the vest carrier for added stability, though no slippage has been reported after extensive testing as the tension of the carrier was sufficient to hold the TacVent in place.
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By Chad
August 2, 2017
Works as Advertised
Solid product (wish I had thought of it...). Gives just enough separation to get air flowing underneath your vest and to vent body heat. Used it during bike patrol in the heat - serious lifesaver! Much more flexible than I thought it would be. Actually like a softer rubber feel but with some form to it.
ProsMade in USA LEO invented
By Luke Gasior
Dallas, TX
August 2, 2017
This product is a lifesaver. Like most in law enforcement who operate in hot climates I flat out wouldn't wear my vest as it's just miserable in the hot months. Not following the bad reviews at all unless it's just trolling. Uncomfortable? It's totally pliable and I can wad it up in a ball and or throw in the dishwasher. On top of that, the owner flew to Dallas after we lost several brothers last year and donated several dozen. We all wear TacVent, swear by it and have recommended it many times. Made in the USA by a cop, for us and it works!!
ProsIt works! It gets us to wear our vests and it's made in the USA!!!
By Alicia
Simi Valley
August 2, 2017
A Must-Have!
I bought tacvent for my husband who is a LEO. He loves it! It keeps him cool all day! He's a medium sized man, so he trimmed the panels down to fit his vest, like the instructions suggests (which was actually very easy to do). I think that every officer should have a tacvent!
ProsDoes what it says!
By Steve Sampson
August 2, 2017
I saw a couple negative reviews on this website, but I went ahead and pulled the trigger anyway because the idea just made sense. The negative reviewers must have had the original version, which I hear was stiffer, but mine, the 2.0, is amazing! It is really soft and comfortable, no pressure points whatsoever, and the heat ventilation is huge, rising out of my shirt all shift, and you really feel the air conditioning reach down in the car or cool room. If you work in the south or any hot climate, of course you're still going to be hot, even if you're wearing nothing but a T-shirt and no armor at all, but it does make a really big difference. Highly recommend.
ProsDoes what it says, cools you off, but I hope I never have to find out how much it helps with blunt force trauma...
By Wheeler
July 5, 2017
Needs more holes
Needs more holes in t breath better
By Sammy
Las Vegas, NV
June 7, 2017
Not only did this make me hotter, it was really uncomfortable.
By Tyler
Spartanburg, SC
May 27, 2017
Save your money
Was really hoping this would work as advertised. Tried it for a week. Was uncomfortable to the point I had to take it out. Doesn't stay in place. Comes with zip ties but you have to put holes in your carrier to try to keep it in place?? Pretty sure that might void the body armor warranty. Didn't let heat escape. Actually felt hotter with it in. Also adds a lot of bulk...about 1/2 inch. Not comfortable at all. Co-worker tried mine after I gave up on it and gave it back the next day....said he felt worse. Gonna keep looking for a solution. Summers in SC are brutal.
ProsGood concept. But actually makes you hotter. Made in the USA
ConsNot comfortable at all. Makes you hotter. Doesn't stay in place unless you poke holes in your vest and use zip ties. Adds a lot of bulk.
By Chad
January 3, 2017
Tacvent 2.0
Pleased with the item. It does exactly what it advertises.
By Jason
Charlotte, NC
December 29, 2016
Very disappointed
I have been looking for anything that would help get the heat out of my vest for years. This thing looked promising, but I had to take it out of my vest after two miserable shifts. It really is more comfortable without it. This thing rides up, shifts, pokes, and irritates me when moving or even just sitting in a patrol car. I still had to pull on the neck of my vest to let air out. I never felt any cooler with it on than without it. Also, the installation was a pain, as was uninstalling it. I'm very disappointed, to say the least.
ProsApparently will help stop a bullet, according to their website, but I very seriously doubt that's legit.
ConsPain to install, doesn't actually vent any heat out of vest, uncomfotable, painful in some cases, distracting.
December 16, 2016
It works great!!
Outstanding product. It really works! I sweat a lot, and noticed the difference the first time i used it. I noticed a cooler tempeture... I highly recommend!
4 Questions & 11 Answers
from South Florida asked:
July 5, 2017
Do these attach to the vest somehow? Would you recommend getting a panel for the front and also for the back or only the front?
2 Answers
This will go inside the pouch with the armor plates. Whether or not to use one or a pair will be up to your individual needs. Hopefully some of our customers who have used this in the field can advise as to what is best to run in certain environments.
Customer Service
on July 5, 2017
This does NOT go inside the carrier, that would defeat the whole purpose. It goes between your carrier and your undershirt (body), which provides a slight separation from the flat vest against your chest. It can attach via zip tie, but I usually just cinch down my vest and it stays in place. You can wear one in the back, but you really need an opening at the top of the shirt (like the front) for the air to vent...so doubt it would work.
on August 21, 2017
from Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Robert Loya
from CALIFORNIA asked:
February 21, 2017
Well I need to panels, for my chest and back, or just got my chest?
5 Answers
That will depend on your individual set-up and how hot is will be wherever you are wearing it.
Customer Service
on February 22, 2017
I only used one for my chest. I would assume if you want more ventilation, you get an additional one for your back.
on February 22, 2017
from Miami, FL
You will need both chest and back. They keep you a little cool but they definitely keep the sweat off of the vest
on February 22, 2017
from cape coral, FL
Yes this is only one panel. You don't need both but if you're like me and sweat a lot then yes get both. And they can be cut to fit your vest.
on February 22, 2017
from Westerville, OH
One order, equals 1chest/front panel.
on February 23, 2017
from Ontario, CA

from TX asked:
December 24, 2016
What are the dimensions of the panel?
1 Answers
Dimensions : 12 inches high x 14 inches wide.
on December 29, 2016
from Ontario, CA

from Missouri asked:
December 5, 2016
Do you get 1 or 2 panels when you buy this item?
3 Answers
You only received one panel.
on December 5, 2016
from Ontario, CA
Just one.
on December 5, 2016
from Gurnee, IL
You only receive one panel.
D. Sandman
on December 5, 2016
from Bay Aeea, CA

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