Tactical Tailor

All of Tactical Tailor products are manufactured in Tacoma, Washington (USA) under strict quality control guidelines using only the best fabric, webbing, zippers, and plastic hardware available on the market. Tactical Tailor products carry a lifetime guarantee covering both materials and workmanship.

All Tactical Tailor products are

Tactical Tailor is dedicated to making the finest tactical bags and tactical vests that you can find. The story of Tactical Tailor begins with its founder, Logan D. Coffey enlisting in the United States Army Infantry. Loganís first week of training in field maneuvers in the steep hills and gulches on the Island of Oahu proved that his army-issued gear was incredibly uncomfortable and impractical. He found out that most of his issued gear was of the same design that his father had been issued 26 years earlier and used in the Vietnam War! From day one, Tactical Tailor's focus has been to make quality tactical products for those who protect our country. That remains Tactical Tailorís focus today. What Logan was the most proud of is that he was able to not only make the best quality gear for those who need it the most, but to also provide good jobs for hard working Americans. In Loganís opinion it was simple logic: ďdo whatís right because itís rightĒ.