Tactical Medical Solutions

Tactical Medical Solutions Inc. develops, supplies, and manufactures innovative tactical and medical equipment. Their mission is to increase the effectiveness and survivability of the modern warrior with innovative, high quality products.

Tactical Medical Solutions Inc. understands the challenges of combat and providing medical care in austere environments. Their products are developed by experienced tactical medical professionals and tested in the toughest environments on the planet. They pride themselves in providing equipment you can trust to work how and when you need. When you need quality equipment that is truly made to last, Tactical Medical Solutions is your primary source.

All of our employees are former tactical medical professionals or have a close relationship with them. We maintain close ties with some of the most elite and experienced medics in the world and every one of our products must pass their evaluation before we put our name on it. We understand the principles of human performance as it relates to combat stress and design our products to complement that performance not complicate it. This approach to product development and evaluation leads to products that truly work in combat.