SureFire WeaponLights

Surefire weaponlights are hands down the best in the world! Surefire weaponlight systems like the M500A, the M900A vertical foregrip, and the Surefire X300 pistol lights have made Surefire the hands down winner in high quality tactical weaponlight industry. The new Surefire M600C Scout weaponlights are also not available.

Designed for peak performance in the harshest environments, SureFire Weapon Lights are the finest handgun-mounted light systems available. A weapon-mounted light serves two primary objectives: (1) it provides illumination to locate and identify potential threats in low-light situations, (2) it generates enough light to temporarily overwhelm an aggressor's night-adapted vision without significantly degrading your own. Whatever your mission requires, SureFire has the light.