SureFire Shotgun Lights

SureFire makes replacement forends with integral tactical lights to fit many popular shotgun models. These forends come with a pressure sensitive activation pad for momentary light use, and a constant On/Off switch ("F" models only). A P60 lamp assembly is standard, providing 65 lumens of light for one hour. The P61 ultra-high output lamp assembly can also be installed, boosting output to 120 lumens for 20 minutes of runtime. Constant-on and momentary switch standard, optional system disable switch also available. The optional system disable switch is a useful feature for covert operations or to eliminate accidental light activation during storage.

SureFire shotgun replacement forends feature a shock-isolated bezel/lamp assembly and a machined barrier between the lamp and battery stick to prevent the battery stick from slamming into the rear of the lamp during recoil. Batteries within the battery stick are separated by a fiber washer and held within a plastic sleeve as further insurance against recoil-related failure.

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