SureFire M6 Millennium Flashlight

SureFire M6 Millennium Flashlight

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SureFire M6 Millennium FlashlightSureFire M6 Millennium FlashlightSureFire M6 Millennium FlashlightSureFire M6 Millennium FlashlightSureFire M6 Millennium Flashlight
The Millennium Magnum Assault Light is Type 3 Hard Anodized Grey, and has an internal battery magazine that holds six 123A size lithium batteries for quick in the field replacement. There is nothing quite like the M6 with its 2.5 inch size head for long range applications and true force option capability. The M6 comes with two lamp assemblies, MN20 with 250 lumens for one hour or the devastating MN21 with 500 lumens for twenty minutes of awesome light power. The M6 has parts-compatibility with a “B” series Millennium WeaponLights for rifles, carbines, and SMG’s.

SureFire Millennium Lights have the raw power and beam intensity to provide more than just the ability to see. They light up an area in a way that no other flashlight can. Perhaps even more importantly, they have the capability of impairing the vision of anyone looking directly into their beam... an impairment that lasts for those critical moments that give you the edge.


  • Compact, ergonomic
  • 2.5 reflector for greater range and power
  • Shock isolated bezel
  • Optically coated Pyrex window
  • Lockout tail cap which disables the light from accidentally activating during transport, storage and use
  • Internal six-battery magazine for fast replacement in the field
  • Flawless beam, always in focus
  • Unbelievably High light output
  • Awesome Self-Defense tool, as it will temporarily stun a threat by directing the beam into the eyes
  • Parts compatible with B series Millennium WeaponLights
  • Available in: Type III Hard Anodized Grey.
  • Supplied with both an MN20 225 lumen (approx. 60 minute runtime) and an MN21 500 lumen (20 minute runtime) lamp assembly

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    Surefire True Stories - Guardian Watches Over Naval Team
    While serving in Iraq, I used my M6® Guardian® as a machine gun light. I was part of the U.S. Navy's Task Force 26 Convoy/Quick Reaction Force Team, and we had a lot of good equipment, but we were missing something important—a bright personal light for the gunners. I'm glad I brought mine, which I'd purchased from your website in 2004, with me.

    My M6 is used but still working great. There were many times it was used to "shine in" Iraqi civilians' cars late at night, and it helped me illuminate the insides of buildings known to harbor snipers. With 500 lumens of blinding light, it did more than anyone could ask for and helped to bring all of my team safely home last September. My Surefire provided me with over nine months of added security. If there was ever a flashlight that has "been there done that," it's my M6.

    Michael S.
    Colts Neck, NJ

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