SureFire Saint - Ultra High-Output LED Headlamp
SureFire Saint - Ultra High-Output LED Headlamp
SureFire Saint - Ultra High-Output LED Headlamp
SureFire Saint - Ultra High-Output LED Headlamp
SureFire Saint - Ultra High-Output LED Headlamp
SureFire Saint - Ultra High-Output LED Headlamp
SureFire Saint - Ultra High-Output LED Headlamp

SureFire Saint - Ultra High-Output LED Headlamp

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SureFire Saint - Ultra High-Output LED HeadlampSureFire Saint - Ultra High-Output LED HeadlampSureFire Saint - Ultra High-Output LED HeadlampSureFire Saint - Ultra High-Output LED HeadlampSureFire Saint - Ultra High-Output LED Headlamp

Runs on 123A Lithium or standard AA batteries!

SureFire’s engineers started from the ground up to create a virtually indestructible headlamp that overwhelms the darkness with a wide yet powerful beam optimized to match your field of vision. It’s all controlled by a variable light output dial designed for one-handed use, even with fingers that are cold or gloved, enabling you to dial it up or down from 0 to 100 lumens with a simple turn. Saint™ was cut from hardanodized aerospace-grade aluminum that’s built to last and its custom-made headband, accented with moisture-wicking Breathe-O-Prene® pads, provides unmatched comfort and dryness. This is the no-holds-barred headlamp you’d expect from SureFire®—maker of the world’s finest illumination tools.

Lighting your way
The coated refractive optic, created by SureFire engineers, gathers and shapes the light produced by a high-quality LED to form a perfectly balanced beam designed to fit your field of vision. There are no hot spots, rings, or defects; just a smooth white beam that corresponds nicely with your peripheral vision, even for close-up work. The variable light output dial allows for continuous output adjustments from 0 to 100 lumens so you get the light output you need for the task at hand. This also enables you to conserve power so you can go for days on a single set of batteries. And this one-of-a-kind variable light output dial was designed to be operated with just one hand; even if that hand is gloved, numb from plunging temperatures, or has lost dexterity due to effects of altitude-induced hypoxia. Plus, we figured your other hand just might be jammed into a crack a few thousand feet off the ground. The light assembly also angles up or down 90 degrees, with one hand, to light your way no matter what the terrain or situation. And we’ve engineered a built-in SOS beacon that’ll run for days on end; you may never need it but you’ll have peace of mind knowing it’s there.

A Source of Power
The Dual-Fuel capable Saint was engineered to operate with one, two, or three 123A lithium batteries or two AA alkaline batteries. It will run longer and more efficiently with lithium batteries, especially in colder temperatures, but it was designed to perform well with AA alkalines too. This Dual-Fuel capability gives you the flexibility you need out in the field; and it’s unique only to Saint.

Unmatched Comfort
The Saint™ headlamp was designed to be tougher than the rest, but it also had to be as comfortable as an old hat. That’s why we turned our attention to the headband. We utilized a custom micro-fiber material that’s thin, tough, and soft. Small, lowprofile metal buckles and smooth stitching ensure a comfortable fit. The unique cable management system serves multiple functions. The three-snap design allows you to easily secure excess cable leading into the housing. This keeps it out of the way and provides cable relief which extends the life of your headlamp; and it also means there are no plastic clips to break or dig into your head. And the top head strap is comfortable and can be unsnapped in seconds for helmet use. Saint’s front light and rear battery housings are lined with Breathe-O-Prene® pads to add comfort while also wicking away moisture. The back of the battery pack was designed with a slight recess to accommodate your occipital protuberance; that’s the bump located at the base of your skull. (Most of us have one but don’t sweat it if yours is missing.) We know that comfort is no small matter when you find yourself miles from home with only your wits, your pack, and your Saint.

Saint’s light housing is cut from the same rugged aerospace-grade aluminum used in SureFire lights utilized by SWAT, U.S. military, and discerning SureFire customers around the globe. This high-grade aluminum is hard anodized to exacting military specifications to make it even tougher. We go to such extremes because our users expect nothing less—and because we can. Saint is also waterproof to one meter for up to 30 minutes; and built for a lifetime of use. Buying products that last is the best way to go green; especially when they’re backed by our no-hassle guarantee.


  • High-quality LED, in concert with proprietary refractive optic, produces a smooth, powerful beam controlled by a variable light output dial that allows user to select 0 to 100 lumens with just one hand.
  • Hard-anodized aerospace-grade aluminum housing is lightweight and built to survive season after season.
  • Dual-Fuel battery compartment utilizes both 123A lithium or AA alkaline batteries. Saint is ready for action even if lithium batteries aren’t around.
  • Custom-made headband was built for comfort, durability, and a secure fit with or without a helmet. Top strap clicks on and off in seconds.
  • Breathe-O-Prene® pads fit comfortably against the forehead and the occipital protuberance while wicking away moisture. These pads can be removed for washing or replacement.
  • Cable management system secures excess cable; extending the life of Saint while adding to its overall comfort.
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    from Madison, Alabama asked:
    September 27, 2015
    Will you ship the version with the diamond texturing or the one (like your first picture) or the one with the deeper texturing (like the one in the second picture).
    1 Answers
    Apologies, this item has been discontinued and is unorderable at this time. So none of the above unfortunately :/
    Customer Service
    on September 28, 2015

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