Super Brush

Super Brush LLC is an American manufacturing company based in New England. The quality systems at Super Brush are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified and the establishment is FDA-registered.

Over the years, Super Brush has developed foam swabs for use as applicators, collectors of material and spreaders of dry or viscous materials. In each of these areas, we have led the way in applying new and unique thinking, design and production.

While medical and device related products make up the majority of its business they are by no means the only focus. A brief selection of areas where you will find Super Brush products either as branded products or private label include: aerospace, automotive, clean room, cosmetic, dental, diagnostic, food safety, industrial, medical, printing, and veterinary. The most recent industry addition is the firearm area where we hold patents for innovative foam swab cleaning products."

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