SureFire Handheld Flashlights

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    Light emitting diode (LED) technology is available in several flashlight models and as an add-on conversion for many of SureFire's high-performance flashlights. SureFire's LED flashlights and conversion heads differ from other manufacturer's LED flashlights with features such as digital regulator circuits to maintain consistent levels of light output for as long as possible, and digital current limiters to protect the LED module from current and heat-related damage. SureFire is the first to utilize these breakthrough features in a handheld LED.

    Why an LED Light? Well, LEDs possess some tremendous advantages over incandescent lamps. First, LEDs can last thousands of hours versus less than fifty hours for high-output incandescent lamps. Second, because LEDs are very robust in construction, and have no mechanically delicate parts such as glass bulbs, filaments, or filament supports, they are extremely resistant to vibration and shock, making them well-suited for the combat environment or for mounting on firearms. Third, LEDs produce virtually no invisible infrared radiation, as opposed to incandescent lamps, which emit over 85% of their output as infrared, and therefore LEDs are much more efficient in producing light than incandescent lamps an important factor for battery-operated flashlights. And fourth, they will emit light over a wide range of power input making LEDs the natural choice for adjustable-output light sources.

    SureFire's LED illumination tools contain a rugged, sealed electronic power regulator that supervises the operation of the LED (with the exception of the A2 Aviator, in which the xenon lamp is regulated). This circuitry assesses battery output, monitors system performance, and controls power supplied to the LED. Power regulation provides a more consistent light output for the useable life of the batteries. Although any LED may continue to produce negligible light output for up to several hundred hours, the amount of useful light produced is of a shorter duration. Power regulation circuitry reduces the amount of negligible output and increases the overall duration of useful light output.

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