Streamlight Strion LED Flashlight
Streamlight Strion LED Flashlight
Streamlight Strion LED Flashlight
Streamlight Strion LED Flashlight

Streamlight Strion LED Flashlight

SKU #: ST-Strionled
MSRP: $132.60

Compact, professional light designed for the broadest range of lighting needs at the best value. The Strion LED is now 40% brighter at 250 lumens!


  • Multi-function, push-button tactical tail switch lets you select three lighting modes and strobe
  • High for a bright super-bright beam - 260 lumens; 10,000 candela peak beam intensity; 200 meter beam distance; runs 2 hours
  • Medium for bright light and longer run times 130 lumens; 5,000 candela peak beam intensity; 141 meter beam distance; runs 4 hours
  • Low for light without glare and extended run times 65 lumens; 2,500 candela peak beam intensity; 100 meter beam distance; runs 7.5 hours
  • Strobe for disorienting or signaling your location; runs 5.5 hours
  • C4 LED technology, impervious to shock with a 50,000 hour lifetime
  • Optimized electronics provides regulated intensity
  • Lithium ion battery is rechargeable up to 1000 times; fully recharges in 3 hrs.
  • Clamp style charger holder with digital control circuit that prevents over-charge; LED indicates charge status
  • IPX4 water-resistant; 2 meter impact resistance tested
  • 6000 series machined aircraft aluminum with anodized finish
  • Borofloat high temperature glass lens
  • Anti-roll head prevents the light from rolling away when you set it down
  • Grooved barrel adapts to long gun mount
  • 5.9" (14.99 cm); 5.2 oz. (148 grams)
  • Serialized for positive identification
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Assembled in USA

  • Specifications:

  • Lumens: 65.00 - 260.00
  • Candela: 2500 - 10000
  • Runtime: 2.00 - 7.50 hours
  • Range of Light / Distance: 200 meters
  • Battery Styles: Rechargeable
  • Battery Types: Lithium Ion
  • Length: 5.900 inches (14.99 centimeters)
  • Weight: 5.220 ounces (147.98 grams)
  • Colors: Black
  • Battery Quantity: 1
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    By Jeff
    December 4, 2016
    Best Flashlight
    I have been using this model flashlight pretty much on a daily basis for the last 2.5 years and can honestly say it is reliable. The only time it doesn't meet my expectation is when it doesn't get charged. The charger for this flashlight I found to be frustrating as it would indicate the charge cycle then shut down after a few minutes. I just learned to watch it for a few minutes and if it shut down then I would re-seat the flashlight in the charger and it would work perfectly. Just recently I purchased a back up light and am using the original charger base without any troubles. The light levels are sufficient and the strobe is quite debilitating. This light takes a beating too. I have dropped this light while working from a ladder position, roughly 8 feet elevation, on to a hard surface with only small dents to show for it.
    ProsGreat value
    ConsNone yet
    By Chuck
    October 6, 2016
    outstanding light
    By Charles
    Hialeah, FL
    June 10, 2014
    Solid Work Tool
    This is an item my agency issues to all personnel (state troopers). I have dropped it several times and gotten it soaked in downpours during shift, and it has not failed me yet. It holds a steady charge for a long time and cuts through the night during low light firearms qualifications. It's one of the better pieces of equipment my agency has purchased.
    ProsThe knurled handle provides a great grip when your hands are wet or when you're wearing gloves.
    By Patrick
    Salinas, California
    June 2, 2014
    Wonderful piece of equipment for any tool belt!
    This is actually the second one I've purchased! I'm an EMT and to have both a bright beam for search and rescue or softer beam for examining is awesome! The compact design is less weight to carry but this baby packs!
    ProsBright Light Rechargeable Long lasting
    ConsNone that I've found yet
    By Jay K
    Albuquerque, NM
    September 22, 2013
    Great Light, Good Size
    I keep this in my truck with the charger wired into the car battery. It works very well, stays charged for a long time and has very good brightness. The extra bulb in the tail cap is a nice touch.
    ProsBright, easy to use, durable.
    ConsThe charger arms are vey tight and sometimes it feel like I have to force the light in and may break the charger. I have not yet, but time will tell.
    By ken
    fort lauderdale, florida
    August 27, 2013
    Top Produce, Fast Delivery, Super Customer Service
    Item was purchased to compliment another, older one just like it. The flashlight and charging system is, IMHO, simply the best unit of its size and output available. Small, tough, doesn't roll when it's laid down, and works as advertised - every time. Charging unit is tough (like the flashlight), heavy duty and idiot proof. The dependable Streamlight is always by my side.
    ProsBrightness, shape of beam and long range penetration. Recharging unit designed very well and built to last. Strion operation is simple, to the point and designed to eliminate confusion in the heat of the moment. All aluminum construction, top quality overall.
    By Chris R
    Gilbert, AZ
    August 7, 2013
    Great light for every task
    I own a stinger LED (180 lum version) and a Protac 2L but wanted a pocket-able rechargeable light; this fit the bill! The light is blinding barely visibly brighter than my Protac. The throw is good and can light someone up at 75 yards but it isn't as spotty as a stinger if you need to search fields. The anti-roll head is perfect size to me, and functions well. The tailcap switch prevents standing on end like a lantern. The switch is easy to use and like others from streamlight resets to full power after turned off. Function, performance and runtime are all equal to the Stinger but in a package that can be carried all day of the belt, on or off-duty! I haven't had it long enough to drop it but all my other streamlight flashlights have held up to years of torture. Competitive pricing on competitive lighting! Complaints? The tailcap came loose initially and if it even partially unscrews the light shuts off. It's also a double-sprung battery so putting on the tailcap can be harder than other lights. The switch makes a whining noise when in use. The dimming function can actually cause a bit of a strobe effect, visible if you point it at a fan, This is common on dimmable LED lights though. It does not come with a holster. There is no piggyback charging option for the Strion so keeping a spare becomes more troublesome.
    By Ed Betty
    Redlands, CA
    December 28, 2012
    Streamlight Strion
    This is my second Strion flashlight. The other one is still working fine but I wanted a spare and another flashlight. These flashlights are remarkably small, powerful and maintenance free. Just keep it charged and you have a light for hours. Tough too.
    19 Questions & 21 Answers
    from Massachusetts asked:
    November 6, 2016
    Will this flashlight fit the Bianchi 7926 Compact Light Holder?
    1 Answers
    Size 1 would be the best size for your flashlight
    Customer Service
    on November 8, 2016

    from Nyc asked:
    July 9, 2016
    Will this flashlight fit a Blackhawk flashlight holder with mod-u-lock attachment?
    1 Answers
    Yes this will fit the Blackhawk holster below
    Customer Service
    on July 12, 2016

    M vito
    from CA asked:
    August 11, 2015
    Does this light come with the wall charger? If not could you put the link to the charger that can be plugged into the wall?
    1 Answers
    On the Dropdown for this item, if you just want the wall charger, you would need to select with AC Model #74303. That's an additional $35 to the price. Hope that helps!
    Customer Service
    on August 12, 2015

    from Oklahoma asked:
    July 17, 2015
    What are the dimensions on the light?
    1 Answers
    Dimensions are as follows - (14.99 cm) Head Diameter: 1.25 in. (3.18 cm) Head Diameter at Tri-Lobe Anti-Roll Flange: 1.44 in. (3.66 cm) Barrel Diameter: 0.95 in. (2.41 cm) Weight 5.22 oz (148 grams) with battery Lens Borofloat high temperature glass lens Light Source C4 LED technology, impervious to shock with a 50,000 hour lifetime.
    Customer Service
    on July 17, 2015

    from Fresno, CA asked:
    December 9, 2014
    What is the life on these flashlights? How long do they typically last before they don't work anymore?
    3 Answers
    the bulb itself is rated to last 50,000 hours on average and the battery is rated to be cycled about 1000 times so it should last you a very long time.
    Customer Service
    on December 9, 2014
    Mine is over 5 years old and still running strong. Same buld and battery i bought it with. Its been abused and keeps on working for me.
    on May 25, 2016
    from Florida
    I bought mine in 2009. Used daily at work, still taking/holding a charge and running strong.
    on January 22, 2018
    from TN

    from texas asked:
    April 8, 2014
    I recently lost my strion, and i cannot remember which model it was. I still have the wall charger so all i need is the flashlight, do all the strions use the same charger?
    1 Answers
    yes all strion's use the same charger.
    Customer Service
    on April 9, 2014

    from Washington, DC asked:
    March 29, 2014
    Are the chargers for this flashlight and the Strion LED HL the same?
    1 Answers
    yes the are the same charger.
    Customer Service
    on March 31, 2014

    from Wisconsin asked:
    March 23, 2014
    Can you specifically identify what is included with each of the options in the drop down box for ordering chargers/holster?
    1 Answers
    unfortunately this light does not come with holster in any of the models. the charger options are AC for a house charger and DC for a car Charger. in the first option with the AC and DC charging cords but only one charging base.
    Customer Service
    on March 24, 2014

    from Auburn, California asked:
    January 16, 2014
    So that I order this correctly, the charger does not come with the flashlight? I need to pay an additional $35 for a charger, correct?
    1 Answers
    yes this is correct the light does not include the charger so you would want to select the best charger option for you under the drop down menu.
    Customer Service
    on January 16, 2014

    from Iowa asked:
    January 13, 2014
    Will this flashlight work with the charger for a DS Stinger?
    1 Answers
    No this light will not work with the stinger charger.
    Customer Service
    on January 13, 2014

    from Ma asked:
    November 9, 2013
    How many watts does the ac charger use?
    1 Answers
    The Ac adaptor is rated 10w
    on November 10, 2013
    from White House, TN

    July 27, 2013
    Is battery included?
    1 Answers
    Yes, this Streamlight Flashlight comes with a battery.
    on July 27, 2013

    J.D. Olsen
    April 11, 2013
    Do you offer a closed-top leather duty pouch that fits the Strion LED? The DeSantis holder listed in the Q&A here is sized for the original Strion and most certainly does NOT fit the LED model, which is the better part of a half-inch longer. Thanks!
    1 Answers
    The Strion LED Flashlight will fit in the DeSantis Holster listed since it has an open end, but if you want a closed end leather duty pouch with a closed top, the Bianchi 7911 pouch will fit the Strion LED perfectly. You can view the pouch here: In the option box, choose one of the part numbers for a "Small" pouch.
    on April 11, 2013

    March 28, 2013
    what type of batteries it needs?
    1 Answers
    This Streamlight Flashlight uses a rechargeable Li-Ion battery. Replacements can be found here:
    on March 28, 2013

    Greg Eckhardt
    January 22, 2013
    Which nylon duty belt holster would you recommend for this?
    1 Answers
    For this Streamlight Strion LED, I would recommend the Bianchi 7311 AccuMold Compact Light Pouch. It fits the Strion perfectly. Specifically part number 18456 which is for small flashlights and has a snap closure instead of velcro. It can be found here:
    on January 22, 2013

    January 7, 2013
    is this able to be charge on the charger i have for streamlight ultrastinger
    1 Answers
    This flashlight does not use the same charger as the Ultrastinger. The Ultrastinger is much larger than the Strion.
    on January 7, 2013

    December 27, 2012
    does the light come with a charger?
    1 Answers
    It depends on which option you select in the drop down menu on the item page. Some will come with an AC, a DC or both styles of chargers.
    on December 27, 2012

    Officer Ray Swank
    December 22, 2012
    Under the Description heading about this flashlight, there is a red-ink caution, "We still have 74304 models in stock with the old lumen rating of 160 max lumens. If you purchase this model, you will receive the old lumen rated flashlight." But the description of the light (above the caution) says there is a max lumen rating of 250lumens. How do I get the light with the higher rating?
    1 Answers
    We do not have anymore of the 160 lumen rated flashlights so if you order it, you will receive the new, higher lumen rated flashlight.
    on December 22, 2012

    October 26, 2012
    Which belt holster would you recommend for this? Must be leather.
    1 Answers
    I would recommend getting the Desantis Flashlight Holder for the strion. Here is the link:
    on October 26, 2012

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