Founded in 1998 just outside Sydney, Australia in the famous Bondi Beach suburb, our mission remains to come up with a more comfortable, secure and stylish means of transporting your laptop.

Our design philosophy is guided by the concept of laptop protection. As we develop a product we constantly question: Is the bag doing what it is supposed to do - to protect the laptop, given the type of bag it is? If not, we change it.

We strive to utilise the highest quality materials and accessories to make a better laptop bag. We research new materials and construction methods to keep our bags at the cutting edge.

We spend a lot of time making sure that each laptop bag incorporates thoughtful features, designed to make life a bit easier. We have iPod/phone pockets, key clips, soft lined areas for delicates, extra padded pockets and webbing loops for easy grasp, as well as rain covers to name a just few of the thoughtful design features across our range.