Southern Bloomer

"Quality. Craftsmanship. Innovation. These are the founding principles that have shaped Southern Bloomer Manufacturing Company since 1978. We manufacture the products that you might sometimes take for granted. And we make them better every year. Because at Southern Bloomer, we have Higher Standards for Cotton Knit Cleaning Products.

Southern Bloomer Manufacturing Company has been operating since the fall of 1978. Since then, we have quietly grown to become the leader in cotton knit cleaning patches serving multiple markets worldwide. We began making cotton knit panties and night shirts for state/federal mental institutions and prisons. In 1983 we found that the scrap from this business made excellent gun cleaning patches. Our cotton knit products leave no strings or threads and are virtually lint free.

Today, youll find Southern Bloomer products in gun stores, police departments, military bases, forensic crime labs, government agencies, and probably in your own gun cabinet. You will also find our products used in the plastic, chemical, and milk industries. Because at Southern Bloomer, were as committed to producing quality cotton knit products as weve ever been."

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