S.O.Tech Gorilla Range Bag / Patrolmans War Bag Kit
S.O.Tech Gorilla Range Bag / Patrolmans War Bag Kit
S.O.Tech Gorilla Range Bag / Patrolmans War Bag Kit
S.O.Tech Gorilla Range Bag / Patrolmans War Bag Kit

S.O.Tech Gorilla Range Bag / Patrolmans War Bag Kit

MSRP: $295.00

New innovation from S.O.Tech, the GRB (Gorilla Range Bag). It's not just a bag, it's an entire range bag system. We love modularity and adaptability and we pride ourselves in making gear that works. The GRB is a 3 part system. Each system comes with 3 components; range bag, 2 pistol cases, and a cleaning case. Each item was designed from the ground up to function seamlessly with the other.

The GRB was designed to be carried a sling bag vs a traditional duffel. Duffel bags are great except when they are fully loaded. This makes the range bag too heavy and overly cumbersome to carry around. You could also swing the bag to the front of your body and access the rear zip compartment which accommodates a hook and loop holster (not included. Our HIHM holster fits perfect). This keeps a handgun readily accessible at all times.

The pistol cases key features are; the main compartment, the front pocket, 2 extra wide loops on the front, and hook and loop on the back. The main compartment accommodates a wide variety of handguns and is lined to protect the contents. The smaller front compartment has 5 elastic loops that hold 5 magazines snugly and also accommodates 50 round ammo boxes in a variety of combinations (see video). The 2 extra wide loops are there to hold both your ear and eye protection. Hang them straight off your bag and carry everything in a small contained unit. The rear hook and loop is there so when you're done it attaches directly onto your range bag.

Our cleaning case holds everything you need, lube, oil, cleaning solution, cloth, brush, etc. Standout features on our cleaning case is the open area for the pistol is a brighter color in order for the user not to lose any small pins, detents, etc. Along with the contrast color we also raised the sides in order to create barriers so no parts are able to roll out.

The main bag itself has pockets that are designed to carry:
  • various sized paper targets
  • staple gun
  • elastic loops for markers
  • ammo boxes
  • 2 pistol cases (included)
  • cleaning case (included)
  • extra big front pocket for extra pairs of hearing protection (friends or family range days)
  • extra big front pocket for extra pairs of eye protection (friends or family range days)
  • first aid kit

    Key Features include
  • 5 compartments (2 small, 3 large)
  • Main Compartment: 11L x 5.5W x18.5 H
  • Front Upper Zippered Pouch: 9.5 L x 2.5 W x 5H
  • Front Lower Zippered Pouch: 12L x 3.5W x 13H
  • Internal Zippered Pouch: 9.5L x 1.5W x 9H
  • Stacked Interior Pocket: Bottom 8L x 1.5W x 8H
  • Top: 6.5L x 2.5W x 6H
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