SOG Prophet 33 Pack
SOG Prophet 33 Pack
SOG Prophet 33 Pack
SOG Prophet 33 Pack
SOG Prophet 33 Pack
SOG Prophet 33 Pack
SOG Prophet 33 Pack
SOG Prophet 33 Pack
SOG Prophet 33 Pack
SOG Prophet 33 Pack
SOG Prophet 33 Pack
SOG Prophet 33 Pack
SOG Prophet 33 Pack
SOG Prophet 33 Pack
SOG Prophet 33 Pack

SOG Prophet 33 Pack

SKU #: SOG-CP1005
MSRP: $229.99

For a pack, the SOG Prophet is one that is adaptable to any purpose.

This 33L pack goes from backpack to duffle bag in a snap by stowing the quick-release shoulder straps and hip belt out of the way. Each side of the pack houses lash points for long item carry, compression flaps for keeping the weight of the pack closer to the carrier, and Hypalon MOLLE fields for more external attachment points for extra gear. Accessing the inside main compartment via the Quad-Zip means finding gear from the bottom of the pack doesn’t require unpacking everything on top of it. This pack’s ease of use and functionality make it one of the most versatile packs available.

Impact Resistant

The top pocket of the packs are rigid shells to protect the contents inside from impact that occurs normally in a soft-sided pack. Carry your sunglasses, cellphone, or other fragile items in peace knowing that they are shielded from potential harm. The shell of the top pocket is made of closed cell EVA foam. When finished, it has great weather resistance and high energy absorption.

Inside the molded top is a soft, flexible pocket that closes to hold more fragile items like a small camera in place. The opposite side of the interior has plenty of pockets for pens, tools, and flashlights.

Durable, Lightweight, Water Resistant

Known for it’s durability and resistance to abrasions, tears, scuffs, 500D nylon is great for many activities. This sturdy nylon material is strong enough to take a beating whether you are using your pack daily or on multi-day backpacking trips.

The nylon used in all of our packs have a polyurethane coating to help increase water resistance and reduce the likelihood of water entering the packs and soaking the contents.

500D nylon carries a good balance of weight and durability for a lighter load without sacrificing reliability.

Hypalon Molle Field

Hypalon® is a type of chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSPE) synthetic rubber made originally by DuPont®. It is a strong, high-performance material used in many products like wire insulation, decking for modern snowshoes, high-quality inflatable boats, and many others. Lighter and stronger than neoprene, Hypalon® is a better material for this purpose.

Hypalon® is known for it’s resistance to liquids/chemicals, temperature extremes, and UV light. This means that it will not soak up liquid that add weight and smells to your pack, be usable in the Sahara Desert or Himalayas, and last for a long time without fading or deteriorating.

Long Item Carry

Integrated long-item carry system ensures that you can easily secure your favorite gear to your pack without extra rope or straps. Whether you’ve got a rifle, fishing rod, or axe, the built-in setup can haul all your lengthy gear wherever you go.

Fastening and removing gear to and from your pack is straightforward, hassle-free, and quick. Whether using the protected strap system or the simple cable and bungee duo, you would find that it is simple to use and versatile enough to fit a wide range of items.

Seraphim: Lash points & straps, braided steel cable & bungee cords Prophet: Last points & straps Scout: Braded steel cable & bungee cords.


Quad-Zip full access main compartment allows for quick access to any part of the voluminous interior. Items at the bottom of the back can be easily retrieved with the panel-loading design that allows the front panel to be opened fully.

The Quad-Zip design consists of four zipper sliders that allows three different access points to the main compartment: one on each side of the pack at the stops of the zipper and one on the length of the zipper such as in the middle at the top of the pack.


The interior pockets and loops easily allows the user organize their belongings without getting messy.


  • Padded shoulder straps, hip belt, rigid suspension, and load stabilizers make it comfortable carry heavy loads for extended periods of time by taking the weight off your shoulders.
  • Sternum strap with whistle stabilizes the pack and gives carrier an emergency audio alert.
  • Quick disconnect and stowable shoulder straps and hip belt for those times when your bag might be strapped down to a vehicle or you need to check it on the way to your next adventure.
  • Quad-zip full access main compartment allows for quick access to any part of the voluminous interior, such as being able to quickly get at items at the bottom of the pack due to the panel-loading design.
  • Built-in hydration sleeve with hose pass-through allows easy access to water (hydration bladder sold separately).
  • Internal laptop sleeve keeps electronics safe.
  • Internal MOLLE loop field for concealed carry lets you customize the position and angle of your concealed carry for quick access.
  • Front access mission pouch is perfect for storing those items that you need to get to without having to open the whole pack, such as fishing lures, first aid kit, or extra ammo.
  • Impact-resistant top pocket with internal organization to safely secure and stow valuables such as glasses, camera, binoculars, and phone.
  • Internal organization pockets and key ring clip inside main compartment.
  • External long item carry allows access to and ease to carry long objects like rifles, bows, fishing rods, and/or axes.
  • Laser-cut Hypalon MOLLE panels make attaching extra storage or quick access items fast, easy, and secure. Compared to traditional MOLLE webbing, Hypalon allows for a sleeker looking MOLLE panel that is stronger and easier to clean.
  • Webbing lash points and Hypalon zinger tabs on shoulder strap for additional item carry.
  • Large zipper pulls allows easy opening with or without gloves.
  • Side compression straps w/ side panels to hold the load closer to the user for better weight distribution and balance.
  • 2mm PE sheet w/ 15mm aluminum stave suspension to distribute weight for comfortability.
  • Kodra 500D nylon material with a polyurethane coating for long-lasting durability, reliability, and water resistance.

  • Specifications:

  • Size: 33L
  • Integrated Long Item Carry: Yes
  • Computer Carry: No
  • Panel-Loading With Quad-Zip™: Yes
  • Suspension: 2Mm Polyethylene With 15Mm Aluminum Stave
  • Stowable Straps: Hip & Shoulder Strap
  • Dimensions: 24.0" X 11.8" X 9.0"
  • Weight: 58.4 Oz
  • Reviews
    2 Questions & 2 Answers
    from Australia asked:
    August 23, 2017
    Will. You ship to Sydney Australia
    1 Answers
    Yes we can ship to Australia, you can find all our information for international orders here:
    Customer Service
    on August 24, 2017

    from Erie, Pa area asked:
    March 30, 2016
    What are the dimensions (in inches) on this pack ?
    1 Answers
    WEIGHT 58.4 OZ DIMENSIONS 24.0” x 11.8” x 9”
    Customer Service
    on March 30, 2016

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