Shoulder Holsters

    Shoulder Holsters are one of the most popular carry methods available. From police officers and military personnel to average citizens, the shoulder holster is widely utilized. Galco brand shoulder holsters are made in the USA and considered one of the best brands on the market. They may cost a bit more than other brands but Galco Shoulder Holsters like the Miami Classic are well worth it.

    The shoulder holster has always played a large part in many different movies and TV shows such as Miami Vice, but they are also an essential accessory for use as a concealment rig. The holster itself is usually used for a few different reasons.

    One reason is for the obvious concealment it offers. Another major part that it plays is the drawing of the gun which allows the user to use it under special conditions when the firearm needs to be drawn quickly and inconspicuously. Lastly, it is an efficient way for the wearer of the holster that needs to be in a sitting position, which is different from a belt holster. These are the top reasons why so many officers, military personnel, security guards and bodyguards use the shoulder holster.