SGM Tactical

"SGM Tactical is a company that wanted to build a gun mag like no other. It was our intention to create mags that would feed flawlessly but at the same time give outstanding performance and longevity. At SGM Tactical all of our mags are CAD designed to SAE standards in an ISO 9001:2010 approved manufacturing facility right here in the USA. Our injection molds are cut from a P20 pre-hardened tooling steel and our retractable cores are cut from S-7 heat-treated steel. This gives us absolute accuracy of all mag components for years to come. Longevity Gives Us Perpetual Performance!

SGM Tactical is in the business to make a mag outstanding, with our technology of the polymer innovation our mags meet the requirements for three 922r compliant parts. At SGM Tactical we strive to build the best mag on the market, not because we can, but because you expect it. SGM Tactical will only build the very best with dependability second to none."

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