Safariland 6360 Belt Holster for Pistol with Light

Safariland 6360 Belt Holster for Pistol with Light

SKU #: SL-6360L
MSRP: $143.25
Safariland 6360 Belt Holster for Pistol with LightSafariland 6360 Belt Holster for Pistol with LightSafariland 6360 Belt Holster for Pistol with LightSafariland 6360 Belt Holster for Pistol with LightSafariland 6360 Belt Holster for Pistol with Light
Don't see a holster for your firearm listed? Please use our Holster Finder for a list of great options that are compatible with your gun!

The Safariland 6360 is a Level III PLUS + retention duty holster and is their most popular model. The 6360 features the Safariland Automatic Locking System (ALS) that uses an internal locking device to retain the weapon securely.

It also features a mid-ride belt loop that allows the holster to ride close to the body. Inside, a SafariSuede lining helps protect the weapon sight and finish.
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95% Recommend this product (55 of 58 responses)
By Bedell
Jacksonville, FL
May 21, 2017
Holster Performance
It works as advertised.
By Steven L
Newton, KS
May 12, 2017
Does not fit all lights
Nice holster, but does not fit a streamlight TLR3
ProsWell made. Easy to get used to holstering and unholstering your weapon.
ConsOther than not fitting a particular light not a bad holster.
By Rick
Corona, California
April 30, 2017
Fits the M&P 2.0
The items shipped quickly. I received an email right after I purchased the holster. I then received another email with a tracking number. I received the holster shortly afterwards
ProsThis holster fits perfectly on my M&P 9mm 2.0. This is a level three holster and it's works with no issues.
By Jeremy
Fort Worth, Texas
April 12, 2017
Thumbs up!
Very easy to use and maintain. I did not like the thumb guiding piece and I was easily able to remove it with the provided allen key. I also used this holster with a simunition glock, I was able to remove the barrel rod easily to accommodate the gun
ProsTool provided to make adjustments
ConsLittle notch that sticks out from the thumb side makes it a little challenging to reholster quickly. Takes a bit of practice to figure out the best way
By Kris
Chicago, IL
January 12, 2017
Does the job
Great quality and highly recommend for duty.
ProsGreat for duty
By David
Reno, NV
January 6, 2017
Lowest price new I could find!
Great price on this new product. It took a very short time to get use to and I really like the holster!
ProsLight weight yet solidly built. Very secure
Conspractice getting use to.
By Morgan
November 22, 2016
The holster for the Sig P320 does not fit the TLR-1 HL light. it does however fit the X300 Ultra.
By Chad
November 5, 2016
Works with most lights
Good unit
By Mitch
October 27, 2016
Great Holster
Exactly as described. Quality holster that'll will fit your weapon with a reliable retention system
By John
Austin, Texas
September 11, 2016
Industry standard for good reason
The draw stroke can take some practice to get used too with the forward push for the sls then the rearward pull of the als. Would definitely give it a try before ordering but once accustomed to the retention it's a great holster option. If it seems like too much retention either the als or sls are both great options independent of the other.
ProsGreat retention and well built, lots of light/gun options, multiple mounting options.
Consdoesnt accommodate a threaded or extended barrel but can be adapted by user.
By Aaron
New Hampshire
September 9, 2016
Great holster
Very happy with the holster and level of retention (peace of mind). Would recommend to anyone.
By Lee
August 12, 2016
Cool holster
Trained with the holster and it works great. I like the fact that you can still use the holster without a weapons Light on you handgun. One thing I didn't notice when you're drawing, do not pull up on the handgun before pressing the ALS release. If you do the slide will put tension on the ALS from releasing and you won't be able to get the gun out. If this happens, push the gun back down into the holster and then hit the ALS. I'm used to kydex holster and just drawing the gun out so this one was different and I learned quick.
ProsQuality Looks cool Option to use light or not
ConsGun gets stuck if you pull up before releasing the ALS.
By Luis
San Antonio, TX
August 11, 2016
good price
Great price for this product
ConsThe size
By Bray Walter
August 7, 2016
Great product
Does its job
By Oscar
July 22, 2016
Was almost disappointed but that changed!
I ordered this holster left handed for the Smith and Wesson M&P. 40 full size w/ thumb safety and a streamlight TLR 1 HL. At thirst I thought that the gun and light wouldn't fit because of the thumb safety. Well turns out that it did and that was exciting! Took it to the range about 3 days after receiving it in the mail, and the holster worked great!! I disassembled it and put WD-40 to make the first thumb break a little smoother. Great product for the buy. Fully Recommend It!!!!
ProsAnother great product from Safariland!
ConsIf you're left handed, it feels like Safariland makes those holsters as the orders come in and doesn't feel like they have any pre-stocked and ready to ship out.
50 Questions & 79 Answers
Aeden Dawood
from El Cajon, CA asked:
March 19, 2018
What kinda light does it fit in this holster ?
1 Answers
If you look in the dropdown menu it will list the lights compatible alongside the handgun you select.
Customer Service
on March 19, 2018

from OH asked:
February 21, 2018
Does the Streamlight TLR-7 work with this?
1 Answers
Yes if you order a holster designed to work with the TLR-1 then it will work.
Customer Service
on March 20, 2018

Joe Dillon
from Franklin, IN asked:
January 11, 2018
Will this fit a Gen 5 Glock 17 with Surefire X300 light?
1 Answers
Yes these will work with the Gen 5 and that light. Just make sure that you select one with 6360-2832 leading the part number.
Customer Service
on January 19, 2018

from New York asked:
November 28, 2017
Will this holster accommodate a VP9 with a TLR-4 light/laser combo ?
1 Answers
Unfortunately based on what I can find this will not fit.
Customer Service
on December 18, 2017

from PA asked:
October 20, 2017
Just confirming that this does fit a Sig Sauer P229 DAK .357, with a Streamlight TLR-1? Also, does this come in just plain black?
1 Answers
Unfortunately I don’t see that handgun listed. The best thing to do is to use our holster finder: Which will only show you holsters with versions compatible with your gun.
Customer Service
on November 29, 2017

from PARIS, Texas asked:
October 14, 2017
Does this holster fit a Springfield xd(m) 40 with 5 inch barrel?
1 Answers
Yes this will work with that handgun.
Customer Service
on November 28, 2017

from Peoria, Illinois asked:
October 2, 2017
Will this work for a Sig P320 with a foxtrot1 weapon light?
1 Answers
Unfortunately I don’t see that light listed and I can’t find the dimensions for that online but maybe someone in our online community has one of these lights and can advise.
Customer Service
on November 13, 2017

from WA asked:
August 19, 2017
Will this fit a P320 Tacops Carry with a Surefire X300 Ultra B?
1 Answers
Yes there is an option listed for that gun/light combo.
Customer Service
on August 21, 2017

from Texas asked:
August 2, 2017
Will this fit a glock 17 and tac light?
1 Answers
Yes this will work for a Glock 17 with some mounted lights.
Customer Service
on August 15, 2017

from NM asked:
July 16, 2017
Will this holster fit a SIG P320 Carry Tacops with a Surefire X200 light? TIA
1 Answers
Yes it looks like there is a version for that gun/light combo in the dropdown menu.
Customer Service
on August 2, 2017

simon sanchez
from asked:
June 21, 2017
will this fit my 2lsf w/ tlr1 hl?
1 Answers
I’m not sure which handgun you are referring to. The best thing to do is to use our holster finder: Which will only show you holsters with versions compatible with your gun.
Customer Service
on June 22, 2017

from Fresno asked:
June 18, 2017
Will this holster work for my Glock 17C with my streamlight TLR1s flashlight attached?
1 Answers
Yes this will work for that gun/light combo.
Customer Service
on June 19, 2017

from TX asked:
June 10, 2017
Does this fit the Glock 34?
1 Answers
Unfortunately I don’t see that handgun listed. The best thing to do is to use our holster finder: Which will only show you holsters with versions compatible with your gun.
Customer Service
on June 22, 2017

Chad Scoggins
from Rome, GA asked:
May 17, 2017
I carried the Safariland holster 6360 for a Glock 22, with a Streamlight tlr-1 on my duty belt. We have now switched over to a Glock 19, with the same light. I've been using the old holster, however, it is not quite as good of a fit with the Glock 19. I see where on the drop down box, a holster is available for the Glock 19 with the same light. Would this be the same fit (holster) as I previously used for the Glock 22, or is it a different size holster? Thanks. Chad.
1 Answers
Yes they do have an option for the Glock 19 with a light.
Customer Service
on May 18, 2017

from Bristol pa asked:
May 9, 2017
Will this holster work for the tlr2?
1 Answers
No this will not work for the TLR-2.
Customer Service
on May 11, 2017

Elijah P Samples
from CO asked:
April 8, 2017
Will this holster retain the firearm without the light attached? Glock 17 W/ Tlr-1 HL
1 Answers
Yes this will hold the firearm without the light mounted to it.
Customer Service
on April 12, 2017

James Serrano
from Chicago asked:
February 25, 2017
Will this holster work for a Sig P320 Carry size frame with a Streamlight TLR - 3 light?
1 Answers
The TLR-3 is smaller than the TLR-1 so as long as you pick one for that light you should be fine.
Customer Service
on February 27, 2017

from Columbus, GA asked:
January 24, 2017
Does this holster ship with the little piece that makes it level 4 holster? Or must you purchase that separate?
5 Answers
It does not come with the Sentry installed on it. As ordered, it is a Level 3 holster.
on January 24, 2017
from Blacklick, OH
The one I received had the plastic half loop
on January 24, 2017
from Topsham, ME
If you're talking about the plastic piece near the thumb break hood it comes with it. I've always taken mine off though.
on January 24, 2017
from Snow Hill, NC
That has to be purchased separately. This comes standard level 3.
on January 24, 2017
from Cypress, TX
I love my holster but as far as i'm concerned it is just a level three holster with what I received. I hope this helps. Paul
Paul R.
on January 24, 2017
from Cincinnati, OH

from Eureka, California asked:
January 23, 2017
What light comes with the gun? I see three lights listed in the options. I have a glock 22 if that makes a difference.
3 Answers
No light comes with the gun. Select the right holster for your Glock 22 and the holster will accommodate the gun and the light you choose (the M3, TLR-1, or the X200/X300.)
on January 23, 2017
from Hayward, CA
You purchase your own light...Whichever fits your preference/budget. The holster just fits pistols outfitted with one of those 3 light options. I have a Sig Sauer P320 with TLR 1 -HL, and I had to make a slight adjustment to the holster to ensure proper fit. Hope this helps a little.
on January 23, 2017
from Cypress, TX
No light "comes with the gun", however I purchased the Streamlight TLR1 HL for my Glock 17 and it fits great!
on January 23, 2017
from Reno, NV

Bricen Keeling
from CA asked:
January 22, 2017
i have a p226 nitron with a TLR-1. the fit seems to be a little off. Im not sure if I have to break the holster in or if its just the wrong holster. I purchased the holster that fits the P226 with the E2 grips
2 Answers
Try putting it in at a angle rather than straight down. Thats what i have to do for my glock 17 with a tlr-1. It wont go smoothly straight down.
on January 23, 2017
from Texas
I have the same light set up and the same Sig 226 E2. My fit is fine and I've had no problems. Sorry I can't be of more help Paul
Paul R.
on January 24, 2017
from Cincinnati, OH

from Texas asked:
December 15, 2016
Will this model fit with the TLR-1/ Streamlight Contour Pressure Switch? I'm looking for a holster that can fit a Glock 19 gen4 with tlr1/pressure switch combo.
1 Answers
Yes it will, that's exactly how I have mine set up. At first it may feel a little tight. I corrected this by shaving some of the protective foam inside the holster. Was never an issue. Hope this helps
on December 15, 2016
from Tafton, PA

from Boardman, OH asked:
November 1, 2016
does this holster fit the gen 4 Glock models?
10 Answers
Yes it will without any issues.
on November 2, 2016
from Las Vegas, NV
Yes it does
on November 2, 2016
from San Diego, CA fits my Glock 21 Gen4 with a x300 surefire. Works great so far while on duty.
on November 2, 2016
from Paramount, CA
I am using the gen 4 g17 with the holster along with the tlr1s light
on November 2, 2016
from Big Spring, Texas
Yes it does. I bought it and have a gen 4 glock 17.
David G.
on November 2, 2016
from Oklahoma
Yes, given you buy the holster for a Glock.
on November 2, 2016
from Mesa, AZ
Yes. I have one for my Gen 4 17. It's a great holster.
on November 2, 2016
from San Antonio, TX
Yes it does
on November 2, 2016
from Newbury park, CA
Yes it does. Also, it is one of one of best holsters I've had, the holster is very sturdy and reliable.
on November 2, 2016
from Newbury park, CA
Yes it does
on November 3, 2016
from Wagoner, OK

from Ashton, Idaho asked:
October 3, 2016
will this holster work with a 5 inch Springfield MC Operator and TLR-1 light
1 Answers
Unfortunately Safariland does not list your gun as being compatible.
Customer Service
on October 11, 2016

from Florida asked:
September 2, 2016
I have Glock 19 with a Surefire X300 Ultra, will the 6360 fit for the TLR-1/ Surefire X200/X300 fit that light or would I need another holster?
1 Answers
Yes this will fit the Ultra
Customer Service
on September 6, 2016

Liam Leary
from Amesbury asked:
August 15, 2016
Do any of these fit a Glock 22 with a stream light TRL-1
1 Answers
Yes the first two options are for the Glock 22 and TLR1
Customer Service
on August 17, 2016

Juan Ayala
from Watsonville, CA asked:
July 1, 2016
Is this holster available for the Spring Field XD .40SWXD 4" SERVICE MODEL in Basketweave for the Right Hand?

from NJ asked:
May 22, 2016
Is the hood guard removable on this model?
4 Answers
Yes. The same allen head tool that is provided with the holster can be used to remove the grab shield
on May 23, 2016
from Jersey Village, Texas
Yes the hood is removable, and so is the thumb break and it turns back into a level 2 holster if needed.
on May 23, 2016
from Yorba Linda
The hood guard is removable and I have already taken the one on my holster off. Hope this is helpful.
A. Cahn
on May 23, 2016
from Bossier City, LA
Yes. Hood guard is removable. Great item. This is the 3rd holster I purchase for my weapon. Still prefer Safariland vs Blackhawk.
on May 24, 2016
from Texas

from Oklahoma City,OK asked:
May 11, 2016
Will this holster work with a Glock pistols with threaded barrels or extended ported barrels?
1 Answers
Unfortunately this will not.
Customer Service
on May 12, 2016

Mike Brown
from ashland city tn asked:
April 8, 2016
I have a Springfield armory xdm 45 compact with a crimson trace cmr-206 green lazer do you make a holster to fit this setup It seems all holster company's think glock is only pistol that people carry a lot of people don't like cheap made pistols like glock
1 Answers
We suggest using our "Holster Finder". This will help find any holster that we carry that will work for your weapon.
Customer Service
on April 11, 2016

from Brandon, MS asked:
March 3, 2016
Will the stx basket weave stick out if I put it on a regular basket weave duty belt?
2 Answers
Yes it will, go with all basket weave or all STX
on March 15, 2016
from Albuquerque
I can't completely answer your question but I can say it matches Bianchi's basket weave.
on March 18, 2016
from USA

from melbourne, FL asked:
February 10, 2016
will this holster fit the standard 2" duty belt?
4 Answers
Yes, this holster will fit a 2" belt.
on February 21, 2016
from Manvel, TX
on February 21, 2016
from Houston
Yes holster will fit 2" belt. I am currently wearing a Bianchi 7960 accumold sam Browne with holster and its fits great.
on February 21, 2016
from Palmdale , CA
Yes. I have mine on the standard Sam Brown belt.
NW Cop
on February 22, 2016
from Spokane, WA

from SD, CA asked:
January 27, 2016
Will there be one offered for an HK VP9 w/ a Surefire X300U?
1 Answers
"Yes, we do currently offer this holster for your configuration. Please view this page: The option for the H&K VP9 with a TLR-1 will also fir an X300-U."
Customer Service
on January 27, 2016

from Vancouver, WA asked:
December 22, 2015
Will this fit a Kimber Custom TLE/RL with X300 Surefire weapon light?
1 Answers
Holsters specifically list the weapons that they were made to fit. For safety reasons, we do not recommend using a holster that isn't made for your specific weapon. Instead, please feel free to use the holster finder feature on our site to see which holsters we carry that can accommodate your weapon.
Customer Service
on January 7, 2016

from Pasadena California asked:
December 5, 2015
Do you guys have a holster like this but for a XDM 9mm with a Streamlight TLR? Because I noticed this was for the bigger calibers
1 Answers
Safariland might have something for you. I would need more information regarding your weapon though to determine that. But here's a link to their holster finder where you can plug your weapon information in and that should list the holster types that will fit your weapon and light. You would just need to cross-reference their model number with ours. I would have done that for you, but i wasn't sure if you were using the XDM-9 Compact, or what barrel length that weapon had - Hope that helps point you in the right direction.
Customer Service
on December 9, 2015

from Oklahoma City asked:
November 25, 2015
Will this holster work with a sig P320 9mm and a streamlight TLR-1HL ?
3 Answers
Yes this will work with the HL version. The TLR-1 has to 2 different versions, just the lumens is the only different. Great holster.
on November 26, 2015
from Evansville, IN
No, the 226 is shorter. Look into a holster for a P250, i have read that will work.
on November 26, 2015
from TX
Select the p320 .40 option. Same dimensions kinda like a g19/23.
on November 5, 2016
from Farmersville, Ohio

from Kenosha, WI asked:
October 24, 2015
I need a holster to accomadate a Gen 4 Glock 21 w/ Streamlight TLR-1 HL. Will this holster work? Also, in the drop down menu I see abreviations like w/ "ITI" . What does the ITI stand for? I also see "standard Glock rails" as an option as well. Some of the descriptions are confusing.
1 Answers
What you will want to do is use Safarilands holster finder to see if any of their models match what we have listed. I would have done that for you, but they don't have the glock 21's listed as a Gen 4. I think the Gen 4 has a picatinny rail? Basically there was information that i wasn't sure of to see if we had a match. Here's a link to their holster finder - That will list all of their holsters that will fit your weapon with your attachment choices. You would than look for the 6360 holsters amongst them and match their model # with what we have. If for some reason we do not have the exact model number you would need listed, please email us at and we can see about having that added for you. The ITI i believe is another type of light, you would definitely want to find the model that matches your TLR-1. Sometimes they may end up being the same model. Hope that makes sense!
Customer Service
on October 26, 2015

from VA asked:
October 19, 2015
WIll this holster fit a Sig P227 with Streamlight TLR-1? Safariland emailed me, and said yes, it will, but I've read otherwise, in other places.Can you give a definitive answer?
4 Answers
I can only go by what Steamlight shows on their website, but i'll email other customers who have purchased this holster to see if any of them have any feedback regarding this. According to streamlight, the model number you would need is 7742 - So depending on the finish you are looking for it would be 6360-7742-XXX I'll check with other customers who have purchased this to see if they have any feedback for you.
Customer Service
on October 21, 2015
I don't have a P227, but I have not had any issues with Safariland's customer support providing bad information. Generally if they say it will fit, then it will fit.
on October 21, 2015
from Chesapeake, VA
Sorry I don't know. It does for a S&W M&P 4" with a Streamlight TlR1HL.
Adam Loudon
on October 21, 2015
from Glenwood Springs, CO
I don't have a Sig, but if you have doubts has a chart for witch gun will fit what holster. They have their bluster finder app in their site too. What I do all ways is go on and look for reviews. Even if the reviews are not great you still can see with your own eyes if the gun and the holster you want will fit or not.
Raul Chaparro
on October 21, 2015
from Puerto Rico

from Sacramento, CA asked:
October 11, 2015
What is the difference between the 6360-2832-81 and the 6360-2832-481? I need a basketweave holster for a glock 19 with a streamlight tlr 1hl tac light to wear on a duty belt.
1 Answers
The 81 is the more leather look basketweave whereas the 481 is has more of a textured basket weave without the leather look. It's more plastic looking for that.
Customer Service
on October 12, 2015

from California asked:
October 6, 2015
I have an HK VP9, will this holster fit my gun with a TLR-1 light?
1 Answers
Yes, it will, but unfortunately we do not have the model # you would need for your weapon added to our site just yet. I'll submit this to my webmaster to have it placed in queue to be added to the site. It may take up to a week for it to be orderable, and even than it will take about 3-4 weeks for us to get it in stock after you place the order because we will have to wait for them to send them to us. That's about how long our backordered items through Safariland typically takes to get to us.
Customer Service
on October 7, 2015

from Tulsa, Oklahoma asked:
October 1, 2015
I'm curious to know the difference between the plain finish and STX finish? I currently use a holster that is somewhat shiny on some areas and rough on others. Just want to make sure that I order the correct holster.........
2 Answers
Sorry for the wait on a response with this. I had an example of the STX Plain and the STX Tactical pulled and will post the side by side comparison shortly.
Customer Service
on October 6, 2015
On the left is the STX Plain and the Right is the STX Tactical. The Tactical version has a textured finish to it whereas the Plain is just a smooth finish. Hopefully you can see the difference in the photo.
on October 6, 2015
from LAPG Staff

from Cogan Station, PA asked:
June 30, 2015
I notice it says that this will work with a Sig P320 .40? I can assume it will work with the 9mm since they are identical save the barrel size?
1 Answers
I can't say for sure, Safariland has a pretty good holster finder that you can put your weapon information into that should give you the model # that you would need. If that matches the model # you are referring to, than it should be good to go, but without knowing the make or model of your weapon, I wouldn't want to give you the wrong information.
Customer Service
on June 30, 2015

Jeff-Glock 34 GEN 4
from Nor Cal asked:
June 6, 2015
Will this holster fit a Glock 34 GEN4 with TLR-1 HL? If not, which one will?
2 Answers
this holster will not fit that gun however the 6280L will.
Customer Service
on June 8, 2015
this holster will not fit that gun however the 6280L will.
Customer Service
on June 8, 2015

from NYC asked:
June 2, 2015
Will the Glock17/TRL1 version also fit a Glock19/TRL1?
1 Answers
We show that is will not fit as the Glock 19 is a compact version while the Glock 17 is a Full Size. Since the holster is molded to the larger frame the smaller gun will slide in the holster however it will not be able to be secured properly.
Customer Service
on June 3, 2015

from Ft. Myers, Florida asked:
May 31, 2015
The only difference between the Glock 17 and the 19 is the 17 is just a bit longer. So shouldn't the 17/22 model of this holster also fit the Golck 19 or 23?
1 Answers
In theory it should fit however Safariland specifically states that there is a holster made for the 19/23 . also since the 19 is shorter than the 17 it will not sit in the holster properly and might move. it will also not allow your weapon to lock in the holster .
Customer Service
on June 1, 2015

from Ft. Myers, Florida asked:
May 31, 2015
Will the Glock 17/22 holster also fit a Glock 19 or 23?
1 Answers
We show that they are different part numbers so the 17/22 holster will not fit the 19/23
Customer Service
on June 1, 2015

from Las Vegas asked:
May 14, 2015
Will this holster work with the SIG P 320 with a light?
1 Answers
It depends on the light that you have on your weapon. However they do make this holster for that weapon with a light.
Customer Service
on May 14, 2015

from Milwaukee, WI asked:
May 7, 2015
I have a S&W SD9 which is similar to the M&P and was wondering if it will fit with any light attachment in the M&P holster
1 Answers
We show that Safariland does not make this holster for the S&W SD9 with a light.
Customer Service
on May 12, 2015

from Texas asked:
March 7, 2015
Will this fit a glock 22 with a TLR-1HL with the DG switch? If not, which holster would be better suited.
1 Answers
no this holster will not work with the setup you have as the DG switch will not fit the TLR-1HL as they are to different brands. as well this holster was not designed to fit with a remote switch as it can not clear the holster and will cause binding issues.
Customer Service
on March 9, 2015

from CA asked:
March 5, 2015
Which holster if any would fit the MP Pro 9mm 5" barrel with an X300u?
1 Answers
we do apologize but no we do not show that this holster will fit your weapon.
Customer Service
on March 5, 2015

from asked:
February 4, 2015
I have a Glock 22 with a Streamlight TRL-4 weapon light. Will they fit in this holster?
1 Answers
we do apologize but at this time no this holster will not fit your weapon. safariland does not show that they produce this holster for your weapon with a TLR-4 light unfortunately
Customer Service
on February 5, 2015

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