RuckPack Combat Nutrition

During a combat deployment to Afghanistan, Maj Rob Dyer and his team of Special Operations Marines came up with the idea for RuckPack®––a single-source, power-packed vitamin & energy shot capable of delivering maximum performance, caffeine-free.

In 2008, Maj Rob Dyer established Noots! Nutrition, LLC and officially released RuckPack® on Veterans Day, 2011. In November of 2012, RuckPack® was introduced to the world on ABC's® popular entrepreneur investment show, Shark Tank®, where Maj Dyer won the support of 2 investors. By the beginning of 2015, RuckPack had begun developing into a full service performance fuel company, with a full product line of nutritional supplements to be unveiled throughout the year.

The peak performance nutrition shot originally designed for war-fighters is now available to help everybody win their daily battles.

Today, RuckPack® is primarily military service-member owned. It's a brand whose owners live by a code of service to country and community and who uphold the ideals of honor, dedication, and integrity.

RuckPack® will never fall short of such ideals.