Our story begins 6 years ago. Our founder, Mark Simonetti, a former Army Ranger and Police Firearms Instructor for the largest Police Department in CT (since retired) was given the task of creating a better, reliable firearm lubricant after guns had jammed in precarious situations. In the ensuing 6 years, Mark, along with top scientists and chemists around the world, has perfected our nanotechnology formula into an incredible, multipurpose friction modifier, which has been designed and altered to be fit for any metals: from automobiles and trucks to household appliances and firearms.

What Mark discovered in his research and development is that nano-particles have amazing properties to meet people's everyday needs. While the big companies were focused on big machines (i.e. jet wings, wind turbines, medical diagnostics), Mark applied our technology to normal people and their day-to-day requirements - a household spray that cleans, de-rusts, unsticks and unsqueaks; a firearms lubricant that improves functionality and durability; a bicycle and fitness equipment application that keeps bikes/equipment running at optimum condition far longer than any existing product.

We have had RAND products tested by experts in the field - police/SWAT military, hunters, recreational and competitive shooters, bicycle enthusiasts, competitive racers, as well as in the lab where we show the lowest coefficient of friction available on the market today. The results and testimonials are simply amazing! RAND Brands technology is the breakthrough all-in-one cleaner, lubricant and protectant.