Dedication, intensity, continual learning and improvement the same elements that put Quantum pros at the top in professional angling drive the Performance Tuned philosophy. It's a deep-down committment to be the best.

But Performance Tuned is much more than a mindset. It is a rigorous process realized in one of the most advanced tackle testing facilities in the U.S. Stop by the Quantum lab and you'll see we're literally millions of casts, hooksets and drag-burning runs ahead of the competition. Clutch systems are placed in a medical-grade laboratory freezer to ensure your anti-reverse is rock-solid no matter how cold it gets. Saltwater products are tested for corrosion resistance in a super-humid salt chamber more sweltering than any day you'll ever spend on deck. And rods have every fiber of their backbone placed under extreme weight load inside a Plexiglas chamber. Sometimes they shatter. It only helps us make a better product in the end. These accelerated torture tests help us pinpoint weaknesses and eliminate them one by one until you're left with a superior breed highly evolved, and constantly improving. Just like the skills of Kevin VanDam, Gary Klein, Gerald Swindle and anyone who takes fishing as seriously as we do.

That's Performance Tuned. That's testing and fishing at a Quantum level.