In 2012, we found ourselves newly married, loving life and hating our wedding bands. We loved what the traditional wedding band symbolized, but found it completely impractical for our active lifestyle.

We searched far and wide for a more practical ring that would allow us to show our commitment to marriage and cater to our active lives. While we didnít find the ring we were looking for, we found that we werenít alone in our frustrations. From the gym to the ocean and the court to the course, a more functional wedding band was in high demand.

From there, it became our mission to create a solution. After many hours, materials and evolutions, we found that medical grade silicone wedding rings were the answer to our problem and QALO was born.

While we continue to evolve and grow as a brand, our product consistently delivers on the quality and commitment that launched QALO. And we, along with our community of friends and fans, continue our relentless pursuit to love selflessly, live athletically and play outdoors constantly.