In 1987, Waymon relocated the company to Sherman, Texas. The move afforded Presco the opportunity to expand their manufacturing capabilities in an area rich with skilled industrial workers. The community of Sherman continues to provide Presco with wonderful employees who have fueled the growth and success of Presco. As poor health forced Ed to take a smaller role in the day-to-day operations of Presco, Waymon brought on Pete Heckel as a minority partner and Chief Financial Officer in 1993. During this time, Presco experienced double digit growth in both the marking products and engineered film divisions. In 2002, Ed passed away leaving the Presco legacy in Waymon’s hands. Joe Hardt joined the Presco family in 2003 when Waymon saw an opportunity to bring on a third partner with the corporate experience and discipline Presco needed. In August 2007, Pete Heckel announced his retirement – best wishes from his Presco family!

Today, Presco’s manufacturing operations remain in their two facilities in Sherman, TX. These two facilities house three PVC extruders, custom designed marking product machines, and the dedicated, hardworking employees of Presco.