Pipe Hitters Union

Since 2005 Pipe Hitters Union Attitude Apparel has established itself as a grass roots apparel line dedicated to representing the fighting spirit of the men and women in today’s world.

Since then the Pipe Hitters Union's “skull and cross bones shield” logo has become an icon for those who follow the warrior path and lifestyle. Because of PHU's authentic no nonsense message, you will find people wearing PHU in many different demographics such as the Military, Law Enforcement, MMA and Extreme Sports communities.

Pipe Hitters supports all those who protect and defend against enemies foreign and domestic. For the military crew the PHU Save the World Think Green Tip shirt represents well. The message on the PHU Combat Mindset shirt tells it like it is.

What is a Pipe Hitter? From the urban dictionary - “Someone or a group of people who are willing to go to the extreme in order to get things accomplished. Also known as a “Heavy Hitter”.

Mission statement: To be the leading brand name synonymous with Military, Law Enforcement and Extreme Sports.