Phoebus Tactical Flashlights MicroFire Innovator
Phoebus Tactical Flashlights MicroFire Innovator

Phoebus Tactical Flashlights MicroFire Innovator

SKU #: Phoebus-PI-10-14R
MSRP: $398.00
The MicroFire Innovator is a dual wattage HID tactical flashlight featuring the American made Ushio SolArc full spectrum high intensity discharge (HID) lamp. The newest member of the Warrior family can be easily switched from 10 to 14 watts while the light is on. The lumen rating at 10 watts is 500, but at 14 watts, the lamp jumps to 1000 lumens, equal to the traditional 24 watt lamp used in the Warrior II. Switching the wattage also increases the color temperature from 5300K to 6500 K. The Innovator's output is handily controlled by rotating a ring located just below the bezel. Run time with the standard direct charge Li-Ion K1N battery is 2 hours in the 10 watt mode and 1.5 hours at 14 watts. For longer run times, the Innovator can also be powered with a K3N battery (3 hours) or with the Lithium Polymer K5 battery (5 hours). It has a focus range from 12 to 24 Accessories include color filters, a belt mounted tactical holster and drop protection shock absorbers. The Innovator is about the same physical size as the original Warrior. Beam angle is adjustable from 12-24 by rotating the lamp head. A rotating ring located just below the bezel switches the lamp from Hi to Low operation mode. The Innovator fits easily in the hand, with uniform balance and a reassuring weight. A run time of 2 hours on High or 1.5 hours on Low setting can be expected using the standard K1N battery. The Innovator is designed for military, public safety and maritime interdiction applications, where a boost in power at a moment's notice may be needed. The rechargeable Innovator is also well suited for camping, hunting (adaptable for gun mounting) or range management activities.


  • Length - 7-3/4"
  • Lamp - Ushio America SolArc 11/14
  • Bezel Diameter - 3"
  • Color Temperature - 5300K / 6500K
  • Weight - 22 oz.
  • Lumens - 500 / 1000
  • Output - 11/14 watts
  • Lamp Life - 500 hours
  • Effective Range - 500-600 yards
  • Run time per charge - 2 hrs. / 1.5 hrs.
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