M-Pro 7 Weapons Cleaning System

How Does M-Pro 7 work?

When a weapon is fired, carbon residue is deposited within the bore. The carbon becomes embedded in the micropores of the bore steel. Chips of lead and/or copper from the projectiles break loose and are also deposited onto the bore steel. Each time the weapon is fired additional layers of carbon and fouling are created. Over time, this build up negatively affects weapon trajectory and performance.

At a basic molecular level, M-Pro 7 surrounds the surface of each individual carbon particle with a negatively charged coating causing the carbon particles to repel each other. This forces the carbon particles to break up and separate allowing the carbon and embedded fouling (copper, lead, brass, plastic, etc.) to be easily brushed out.

Traditional solvents remove carbon from the bore, cleaning away loose surface carbon and fouling, but have a limited affect on the carbon bonded to the bore steel and embedded in the micropores. M-Pro 7 removes all the layers of carbon & embedded fouling for optimal weapon maintenance and performance.