Mossy Oak Footwear

It all began in West Point, Mississippi, with a fistful of dirt. Obsessed with the notion of getting closer to critters, Mossy Oak’s founder and CEO, Toxey Haas, gathered up a bag of leaves, sticks and dirt from under his favorite hunting tree, walked into a fabric factory and dropped it on the counter. Facing an audience of startled faces he made a bold request, “Can you print fabric that looks like the stuff in the bag?” People snickered, shook their heads and probably contemplated calling security. Little did they know he was on to something big.

Toxey realized that the key to developing natural looking camouflage was to use natural elements: dirt, leaves, bark and limbs, along with their natural colors to allow the wearer to blend in perfectly with their natural surroundings. Before then, most camouflage patterns simply obscured the outline of the wearer, which made the person more difficult to see at a distance.

Our first patterns used natural elements and colors, and electrified the camouflage industry with specialized designs that made the hunter actually blend in to their surroundings, making them difficult to see up close. Bottomland®, Greenleaf ®, Treestand®, Full Foliage® and Fall Foliage® completely redefined camouflage effectiveness — and represented a giant step forward in camouflage design.

After hours and hours of fi eld testing and hunting, we discovered that we had overlooked a critically important natural element. An element that was found in every type of terrain, during every time of the year: shadows. Shadows are everywhere; in the woods, in the duck marsh, and even in open fields — our development team quickly realized that shadows are the most common element of nature. camouflauge pattern that they had ever experienced.

Please be advised that Mossy Oak boots are drop shipped directly from the manufacturer, and there will be a delay in shipment. UPS Air shipments will take an additional 1-2 business days to process. If the manufacturer is backordered, LA Police Gear will try to obtain and provide the manufacturer’s ETA.