Mission First Tactical Safe-T-Stix Barrel Plugs
Mission First Tactical Safe-T-Stix Barrel Plugs
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Mission First Tactical Safe-T-Stix Barrel Plugs

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Solution to safe training practice, instruction, display and gun storage. Securely blocks barrel and prevents live round from being chambered. Bright and visible colors. Sizes fit Pistols 9mm, .40 cal., and .223mm rifle barrels.
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By Bob
Shreveport, LA
March 9, 2017
Great safety training item
Bright yellow color is highly visible indoors in training environment, may not be as visible as orange outdoors in bright sunlight. Works like any barrel plug, keeps rounds out of the chamber.
By tj
wichita, ks
June 23, 2016
simple and smart
Ideal for folks who have young children or have regular visits from grandchildren. Can see t he functionality of using as a training vehicle for trigger control and anticipation. Mush like a snap-cap but with the assurance that a live round can't slip in. Great feature of having to disassemble pistol to remove it. Provides excellent method of self training on take-downs.
ProsEasy to use.
Consnone come to mind.
By Geoffrey
Hazlehurst, GA
October 5, 2015
awesome product!
I have them in all the sizes. Easy to use. Cheaper than any alternative. You do have to field strip the gun to install them into the barrel. But on a safety standpoint, that is a plus. I don't mind having to take it apart to keep my students safe.
Prosgreat price and works well
By Steve M
Butler Pa
September 22, 2015
safe dry fire
Great idea for dry fire exercises. It makes it impossible to brain fade on a tap rack drill and chamber a round, Blocks entire barrel and extends out 1 inch for visual. I'm ordering one for each of my jr scholastic steel team shooters. Steve M
Prosesay in and out. visual
Consnone yet
February 26, 2015
Safe t stix
These worked as described. Nothing fancy but very useful for training purposes.
By David
February 2, 2015
Very Cool
These are pretty neat! They are a great way to use your actual firearm for dry fire practice that help to keep you from somehow accidentally chambering a round. This does not negate the gun safety rules, but can help keep you safe. These are so much cheaper than the training barrels or blue guns.
ConsNot quite as safe as a blue gun
By Mike
Kimberly, AL
January 7, 2015
great cheap safety insurance
work perfectly i have all sizes. you must remove the slide to install them they do not bend
By Joe
United States
January 1, 2014
Cant use them
They are not flexible, therefore I can't slide them into the barrel
4 Questions & 15 Answers
from N/A asked:
December 27, 2016
Can you tell me, does a semi auto pistol need to be disassembled to insert a Safe-T-Stix barrel plug?
8 Answers
Yes, it inserts at the breech. I personally like that because there's no possible way for someone to screw up and charge it with a live round.
on December 29, 2016
from Southaven, MS
Yes, you must remove the slide from the frame in order to get to the barrel and insert the safety stix. The safety stix when inserted also prevents a loaded round be chambered.
on December 29, 2016
from Bellevue,WA
Yes. Take the weapon down, insert the small end of the stick into the chamber and allow the rest of the stick to fall through. Then reassemble and you should be good to go. One end is smaller one larger so the stick doesn't completely fall out.
Caleb M
on December 29, 2016
from Portsmouth, VA
Yes it does. I have a Glock 43. I have to take the slide off, then the spring out, take the barrel out and place the plug in the barrel, then put it all back together. It is very easy and only takes a second or two. The mechanisms in the Glock are very simple. I don't not know if all makes of handguns are the same. I just leave the plug in for dry fire practice at home unless I'm planning to go to the range and actually fire off some rounds. I do have an instructor who is teaching me tactical shooting. He requires that I disassemble and lay out the components including the plug in front of him and reassemble it with the plug each time before we practice.
on December 29, 2016
from Pacific NorthWest
yes - you need to take the slide off to get this in the barrell
on December 29, 2016
from Wilmington, DE - Delaware
You will need to remove the slide and barrel to slide the insert from the chamber side of the barrel. Depending on the length of the barrel. there will be part of the plug sticking out (about 1/2" from a 5" barrel). It looks like this could be trimmed it it gets in your way during drills if you had a shorter barrel. Great safe alternative for drills.
on December 29, 2016
from Honolulu, Hawaii
To be effective as a safety device, the semi-auto pistol must be disassembled in order to correctly install the Safe-T-Stix barrel plug. Any other method will not provide the security that the plug was intended to provide.
on December 29, 2016
from Derby, KS
You need to remove the slide and barrel, and then you insert the plug into the battery and through the barrel. The base of the plug blocks your battery from chambering a snap cap )or God forbid, a round, if you use the live ammo, which you should never keep anywhere accessible during your dry-fire drills). You can trim the length down for sub-compacts, if desired. Hope that helps. I like it a lot.
on December 29, 2016
from Raleigh, NC

from CA asked:
June 5, 2016
How long are these sticks? Long enough to be visible in a 7" or 9" barrel?
5 Answers
The .223 rifle plug would be long enough for that, the pistol ones are too short.
on June 6, 2016
from Daytona Beach, FL
The sticks I ordered are 4 and 1/2 inches in length, and I use them for practice and training in semi-auto pistols. I consider these a must have for anyone who wants to practice, as it is impossible to put a live round in the barrel with the stick inserted.
on June 6, 2016
from BellevueWa
These won't be visible on barrels that long. Gotta believe they would do their job as far as blocking the chamber though. The weapon barrels could then be marked with tape or something as confirmation that rounds can't be chambered.
on June 6, 2016
from Negaunee mi
Mine was not. I have a 9mm stick and gave to 1 of Jr. students to use in M&P Pro 5". Works well for that pistol. S Martin
on June 6, 2016
from Saxonburg, PA
They are approximately 10"'s. They are easily visible from a distance. If you have an open holster they are a great product for training. If you have a closed duty holster you would have to cut the Safe-T-Stix down to fit the holster properly. All in all a good product.
Zach Morrison
on June 7, 2016
from Atlanta, MI

Scott Henderson
from FLORIDA asked:
June 5, 2016
Could this be used to block the barrel but not the chamber when polishing a chamber?
1 Answers
Securely blocks barrel and prevents live round from being chambered
Customer Service
on June 6, 2016

Jeremy Maddux
from orange county, california asked:
September 21, 2013
is there a comparable size for .45 cal hand guns
1 Answers
There are sizes in for the .45 long and short hand gun. Please use the drop down menu above the "add to shopping cart" button to choose which model you would like.
Customer Service
on September 22, 2013

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