Manta Rails

Armed with an innovative concept on how to solve a problem that plagued weapon systems, our company was conceived as MantaRails in the fall of 2009. The challenge was what to do with accessory pressure pads. The answer and our first MantaRail product was the Manta Micro Pocket Switch Holder. Introduced to the firearms industry in early 2010, the Manta Micro Pocket Switch Holder allowed a firearm operator to simply slide a pressure pad into the Micro Pocket and snap the Switch Holder on the rail . . . all in a matter of seconds.

Additional MantaRail products designed to interface with weapon rail systems soon followed and the MantaRails brand took hold. With a growing product line, MantaRails soon gained military recognition and we were honored to begin supplying products to the United States Marine Corps. Today we are proud to be standard issue on two independent Marine Corps programs, including the U.S.M.C M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle.

Over time, the development of products designed to interface with various parts of a weapon made us realize MantaRails had become more than just a gun rail accessory manufacturer and supplier. Knowing we would continue to develop new products for the weapons industry, we changed our company name to simply Manta. The change allows us to maintain our MantaRail roots, while continuing to diversify and expand our product line.