MSE Ltd.

    MSE (Marksmanship, Sniper, Excellence) Ltd., develops, manufactures and markets innovative fighter-friendly Day sights and unique Night vision sight to the military, paramilitary and civilian markets worldwide. MSE offers tailored “Train the Trainers” shooting implementation courses, theoretical and practical, maximizing its clients shooting skills to their highest level.

    MSE is headed by LTC. Colonel Mikey Hartman, founder and former commander of the Marksmanship and Sharpshooting school of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) with over 20 years of training experience.

    Hartman Trained over 500,000 soldiers wrote all of the training scenarios and developed IDF’s tactical shooting doctrine.

    MSE is a subsidiary of Star Defense Systems, which is one of the largest defense companies in Israel offering innovative solutions for Air, Land, Sea and HLS Forces worldwide in a variety of fields.

    Vision: To enable customers to maximize their shooting skills, enhance peroformance and complete their mission safely.

    Mission: To deliver the most fighter-friendly sights incorporating the solutions to the needs of the most demanding shooters.