LawTech Publishing

    LawTech Publishing Group (formerly QWIK-CODE™ Publications) was established in 1980 by Glenn Hollister, a veteran California law enforcement officer whose career background included corrections, patrol, investigations, education and training. His understanding of the law enforcement profession, and his vision to constantly improve the quality of law enforcement reference and technical publications, has driven LawTech to the forefront of this unique criminal justice publishing niche.

    In 2004, LawTech entered into the textbook publishing field after identifying a need for affordable criminal justice textbooks, as well as those that are authored by current or former law enforcement officers – a quickly vanishing practice by many of the larger publishers, many of which use authors who are self-proclaimed law enforcement experts, but who have never been in a patrol car in their life, but rather write from a room filled with computers they use to search the internet for content. To date, LawTech launched well over 20 unique textbooks for colleges and public safety training.