L.A.G Tactical

    L.A.G. Tactical was formed by shooters, for shooters. We are avid gun enthusiasts with a passion for training, shooting, reloading, and all things gun related. Because we are hands on with firearms, we are always seeking products that meet our needs as shooters and help take our training and shooting skills to the next level.

    Of course during all of our hours logged on the range, we had our own personal demands from our gear, specifically our holster set ups. It became very clear that holsters, just like firearms, are not a one-size-fits all kind of product. Each of our founders, and the people in their shooting group, had different needs and preferences from their range and concealed carry set ups. Custom holsters seemed a proper solution to this issue but we realized we were a bit too impatient for the extremely lengthy lead times often associated with custom holsters. And thus, L.A.G. Tactical was born.