Kellan Flashlights

    Kellan has created the first ever remotely controlled line of tactical flashlights. Weapon mountable or handheld, the flashlights are operable by tail cap or custom remote control system. Rifle grip integrated or binary rail panel integrated pad remote control systems available for AR 15/M 16/M4, AK 47, or any rifle with Picatinny rail system. Remote control signal recognized up to 23 ft away from unit, controls all standard features including: 8 levels output range up to 347.5 lumens at max 2 hours. Momentary on/off, and strobe function standard on all Kellan tactical lights. 1, 3, 4 LED flashlight heads in White, Red, Green, Ultra Violet and Infra Red are interchangeable on all Kellan flashlight body models. Versatile to accommodate any field applications: from perimeter set up to close quarter combat. Kellan is at the forefront of the technological upgrade of defense systems, worldwide.