Hybrid Light

Our journey starts with a primary mission, which is steadfast. It sets forth our objective as a brand and serves as the compass by which we guide our actions and decision making. To light the way towards a more energy efficient future. To make battery powered handheld lighting obsolete. To do our part in being better stewards of the environment for future generations. To harness the power of the sun and put it in every glove box, toolbox, emergency kit. Globally. . .

Spreading LIGHT around the world.

On a recent trip to Kenya, a team of us had the privilege of equipping a tribe with their own HybridLight flashlights. Spreading our light to the rest of the world is one of our top priorities. This is not only light the way, but saving the the planet little by little. Come and join us by giving everyone and opportunity to own the most efficient flashlight in the world.