Holster Finder

Gun holsters like Galco Leather Holsters come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They also come in different "carries" such as the shoulder, belt, ankle and even a handbag gun holster for the ladies! Other gun holsters come in many types of textiles and materials, but the most popular are made from a plastic called Kydex. These gun holsters in particular are quick, adjustable and nearly indestructible.

There are different holsters available for different jobs including duty holsters, tactical holsters and concealment holsters. Duty holsters and tactical holsters often include a specific type of retention device and are sometimes listed by level (i.e. Level I, Level II, Level III). The higher the retention level the more secure the firearm will be, making it more difficult for an attacker to remove the holstered weapon. One such example is the Blackhawk Serpa Tactical and Duty Gear holsters with Level II or Level III retention.

Concealment holsters come in a variety of styles to give the user options on how to conceal their handgun. Belt holsters and paddle holsters are a couple of the most common while other styles include shoulder holsters, fanny packs, inside-the-waistband and ankle holsters. This range of options helps ensure you find one thatís right for you.

Some of the most popular gun holsters include Galco Holsters and Blackhawk Holsters.