Ghost USA

    The company is the result of the unique cooperation of 2 companies: Ghost International and Amadini Sandro with a just as visionary goal, one company with ties in both the civilian shooting world and government duty gear. They believe that the combination and mix of knowledge and experience of both these worlds will deliver the perfect end result in each product fabricated. First steps for the company structure were created and patented in 2000 by Sandro Amadini.

    The retention systems GSS (Ghost Safety System), modularity and rotationsystem became the trademark of Ghost International and the innovation it stands for Ghost International has the philosophy of not making standard items but basic items. The difference is that with basic items, changes can be made. With standard items this is not possible. Flexibility is our main goal and we take pride in building specialized items on a “you ask, we build” basis. Since 2002 this mentality resulted in winning several European tenders and we are still working close with the end-users throughout Europe. Our product line has evolved with various items and is still growing due to popular demand.