Gerber Freescape Flashlight

Gerber Freescape Flashlight

SKU #: Gerber-31-002560
MSRP: $77.00

With bright green accents and a body designed to keep it from rolling, this flashlight is easy to find and use at the campsite. With a textured handle and an IPX7 water-resistance rating, it is reliable to use in any weather. Three lighting modes are ignited by a tail cap switch.

Brighten up the night with the all-weather IPX7 rated Freescape Flashlight. Featuring a high output CREE XPG LED, and an Osram RED LED for preservation of night vision and minimizing of campsite glare, the Freescape Flashlight works where and when it’s required. With 200 lumens of output on high, the Freescape Flashlight neatly balances a need for light when camping with the family or when hiking out from a longer than expected trail. With the unique inclusion of the Osram RED LED in a handheld flashlight, the Freescape Flashlight makes it itself useful in entirely new ways.

Innovative Body Shape Keeps It Nearby

The Freescape Flashlight is designed with a large loop lanyard at the rear that not only protects the on/off switch from accidental use but also attaches to a carabineer or straps to a pack for easy carry. With its innovative unique body design that prevents the light from rolling away, and sturdy construction tough enough to last a lifetime, the Freescape Flashlight offers reliability when most needed.

Bright Accents For Quick Visual ID

Keep the Freescape Flashlight’s textured handle firmly in the hand no matter the conditions. With bright green accents along the light’s black surface, it draws just the right amount of attention to itself so as not to get lost in the shuffle of camp gear.


  • Overall Length: 9.1"
  • Weight: 6.5 oz.
  • Batteries: AA [2]

  • Estimated Outputs:

  • White High: 200 lm/4hr
  • White Low: 50 lm/8 hrs
  • Red: 40 lm
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