Galco Defense Planner

Galco Defense Planner

SKU #: Galco-DEF
MSRP: $96.95
Galco Defense PlannerGalco Defense PlannerGalco Defense PlannerGalco Defense PlannerGalco Defense Planner
Whether you are casually dressed or in business attire, our compact carrying case may be your best plan for defense.

Masquerading as a day planner, the Defense Plannerô opens to reveal a handgun and spare ammunition. Made from the same fine leather as our holster handbags, itís padded to prevent "printing." It features a nickel zipper pull and a removable wrist strap for security. The holster and magazine loop are elastic to accommodate handguns of varying sizes.

This is a holster only; it allows you to carry a firearm concealed in what looks like a planner. It is not a functioning planner.
6 Questions & 6 Answers
from Murfreesboro, TN asked:
August 1, 2015
Will this fit a Smith & Wesson Airweight 38 special?
1 Answers
I checked Galco's site and they confirm that it will fit the new .38 Bodyguard and that looks to be about the same size of the .38 special, so I would say, yeah, it should fit!
Customer Service
on August 4, 2015

from NJ asked:
April 9, 2015
Do this Planner fit a Glock 19?
1 Answers
Yes, a Glock 19 will fit in this Defense Planner.
Customer Service
on April 10, 2015

from Phoenix, asked:
December 14, 2014
Will a springfield armory xdm 9 mm 3.8" fit in this?
1 Answers
we do apologize but no we do not show that this will fit your weapon. according to galco the Galco-HiddenAgenda would be a better fit for your weapon.
Customer Service
on December 16, 2014

from Charlotte, NC asked:
March 22, 2014
Will a Sig P938 fit in Galco defense planner?
1 Answers
yes your weapon should fit in there just fine.
Customer Service
on March 24, 2014

from st augustine, FL asked:
September 9, 2013
Will this fit a glock 26 gen 4?
1 Answers
Yes, the Galco Defense Planner will fit a Gen 4 Glock 26.
Customer Service
on September 9, 2013

January 14, 2013
I have an H&K P2000. Will it fit in this holster?
1 Answers
Galco does not advertise this as fitting a H&K P2000.
on January 14, 2013

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