Galco Ankle Holsters

Choosing the right holster can be a very personal process, perhaps even more personal that choosing a handgun. Some areas to consider are the gun carrier’s level of training and experience, body type and the intended use of the holster and handgun. The following features are required on virtually all holsters, however: Covered trigger guard, combat grip accessibility, adequate retention and one-handed draw ability.

Galco ankle holsters offer the traditional solution to carrying in deep concealment and are a great choice for carrying a small or medium size handgun when rapid access is less important than complete concealment. Ankle holsters are a very comfortable mode of carry and provide for a fast draw while seated. A standing draw often requires two hands however. Galco offerings include: Galco Ankle Glove and Galco Cop Ankle Glove.

When ordering this holster, be sure to order the holster for the hand you draw with, NOT the ankle you would wear it on.