Elzetta was founded by two guys dedicated to shedding some Light on the subject of tactical weapons. In 2007, they introduced the legendary Elzetta ZFH1500 Flashlight Mount for AR15/M16/M4 rifles (yes, those scary Black Rifles demonized by the media). The ZFH1500 revolutionized the mounting of a flashlight to a tactical rifle, requiring no rails for installation and providing ambidextrous operation with innovative sling-swivel flashlight activation. The ZFH1500 was an instant success and lead to the development of additional flashlight mounts prompting customers to ask, “What flashlights do you recommend for your awesome flashlight mounts?”

After testing nearly every tactical flashlight on the market, and breaking every one they tested, it became clear that a flashlight truly suitable to the rigors of tactical operations existed nowhere in the universe. So the guys, experienced as mechanical engineers as well as dissatisfied flashlight consumers, set out to design and manufacture The Toughest Flashlights on the Planet. They implemented critical design elements such as solid acrylic optical lenses (not mere reflectors) and fully-potted electronics, creating a line of tactical flashlights that are not just tougher than other flashlights, but are orders-of-magnitude tougher.

Following the “Golden Rule” in flashlight manufacturing (make flashlights for others as you would have others make flashlights for you), the guys expanded the lineup and established the only truly modular lineup in the industry. Clients choose the exact features they want on their Elzetta Flashlights. All components are interchangeable, interoperable, and available individually so clients can easily change/modify/upgrade Elzetta Flashlights without being forced to buy complete new units. Designing, manufacturing, and selling products with the customers' best interest in mind – what a concept!

Since 2007, Elzetta has continued to produce innovative, high-quality, ultra-durable flashlights and weapon mounts in ever-expanding varieties. All Elzetta products are made in Kentucky USA using American labor, American tooling, and American materials.